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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Letter To The president

October 25, 2006

Honorable President Bush

Mr. Alberto Gonzalez, Attorney General

Mr. Chertoff, Director of Homeland Security

Dear President Bush:

As a native of Mexico, Legal Immigrant, and a Naturalized Citizen of
this Great Country, the United States of America, I cry, beg and pled

The House Bill: enforces the law, penalizes employers that hire
illegals, builds 700 miles of fence and DOES NOT REWARD lawbreakers
with amnesty.

My primary reason that I oppose illegal immigration and comprehensive
reform is that the United States of America is the only Country in
the World that is governed by law, enforces the law and hopefully the
government does not operate on "Mordida", bribes. The US is not
corrupted at the same level as other countries such as Mexico and
Latin America.

The Majority of the people that hop over and under the fence
illegally are the same people that break the law in Mexico. They are
accustom to paying Mordida and are forgiven. Are you Mr. President
going to follow the Mexican tradition of paying Bribes-Mordida? Are
you then going to forgive the lawbreakers by giving them amnesty?
Mr. President if a US Citizen breaks into your home and steals from
you to "feed his family" can he then pay you a bribe to keep you
quiet in essence to void jail, just like the illegal immigrant?

What about Deputy Marsh's Family Mr. President? Can that Cop Killer
pay the Mexican Government a Mordida to keep him in Mexico to fight
his extradition to the U.S. Mr. President? Deputy Marsh's Family
morns their son's death at the hands of a drug dealing cop killing
gang banging Mexican illegal who US tax paying citizens paid numerous
dollars to send back to his country to no avail. Now one of our
Patriots is dead and our Government won't do anything about it but
invite more of his Boarder Brothers over everyday with the promise of

Mr. President I grew up in Mexico. All my family are in Mexico, I
went to school there, worked at the Bank and I was in charge of
opening up new accounts.

I had the opportunity of dealing with many people from many walks of
life. In this job I experienced on a daily basis unbelievable
corruption from secretaries, schoolteachers, policemen, to government
officials. The one thing they all had in common was that they had to
pay bribes in order to have a job or their position. There is no
such thing as qualifying for a job; it is about power, intimidation
and money. My family members had positions within the Mexican
government and embassy the rampant corruption was reprehensible. You
see Mr. President, corruption is a way of life in Mexico, and it is
expected. There is nothing wrong with lying, cheating and stealing,
it is expected. If you get caught, no problem you pay your bribe and
you will be forgiven. That however is not the American way, but that
is what you are bringing to America, people who are figuring out the
system, how to get around the system and will do anything and
everything to use and abuse the system. We are letting them, our
tax dollars are paying for it and we can no longer afford it, the
system is going broke.

Mr. President it appears to me that you want to sell this great
country, America to the Mexican Mafia…Vincente Fox, Felipe Calderon.
That's right, I know my people and the Government. I'd like to say
that you are naïve, but you have enough well informed people
surrounding you and it is your job to be well informed in matters of

Mr. President I know you have sympathy for your Mexican friends, your
childhood housekeeper, big business, relatives and so on, but sir
with all due respect, your primary duty as PRESIDENT is your country
and it's people first. I'd like you to consider the bold and
courageous move that President Eisenhower took in 1954…Operation
WETBACK and take our Country BACK!

The US is filled with many fine Patriots that are willing to fight
this fight with you, on this issue to their deaths! if need be our
history books are filled with them! and we can fill many more if it
asked. In the words of the great President Kennedy…"Ask not what
your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."
I am an American, a Californian and I am a Patriot. I'm ready to
take my State and Country back one illegal at a time.


H/T Bad-Ass Ev!

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