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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby Killer?


Source: kirotv (link didn't work for me)

Some sub-human scum had a little fun tonight in the Pacific Northwest...
The Pierce County Sheriff's Department is searching for five people who allegedly attacked a uniformed National Guardsmen walking along 138th Street in Parkland Tuesday afternoon.

The soldier was walking to a convenience store when a sport utility vehicle pulled up alongside him and the driver asked if he was in the military and if he had been in any action.

The driver then got out of the vehicle, displayed a gun and shouted insults at the victim. Four other suspects exited the vehicle and knocked the soldier down, punching and kicking him.

“And during the assault the suspects called him a baby killer. At that point they got into the car and drove off and left him on the side of the road,” Detective Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.
Please god, grant them a slow, painful and utterly humiliating death. If at all possible may it include crowds mocking and scorning, thanks, Jake

H/T Michelle Malkin

Friends & Neighbors Update...

Source: LA Times
A COUP D’ETAT IS BREWING in Mexico. Even as he runs out of legal ways to challenge the July 2 presidential election results, the contest’s sore loser, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is planning to proclaim himself president and establish a parallel “people’s government” on the national Day of Independence, Sept. 16.

The defiance by the leftist former mayor of Mexico City comes after a unanimous ruling Monday by the nation’s top electoral tribunal, which rejected claims filed by Lopez Obrador’s party of massive fraud. Lopez Obrador, who finished second in the balloting, has been waging an increasingly desperate campaign to have the election nullified. The independent panel of seven electoral justices reviewed 9% of polling places where it had reason to suspect error, and it threw out tens of thousands of ballots.

The net result of the review was to reduce conservative candidate Felipe Calderon’s nearly quarter-million-vote margin by about 4,000 votes. The tribunal has until next Wednesday to certify the election results.

Lopez Obrador’s supporters have shut down much of Mexico City in acts of civil disobedience, and they appear intent on making the country ungovernable.
Note to all you 'globalist' sorts who like open borders, I will weep piteously when your jackass investments in ole Mexico tank, really, no really.

Oh, and may we build the damn wall now? Please?

H/T immigration watchdog

When Orca Yodels

Source: Herald Today

The grotesquerie that is Ted Kennedy managed to lift his mouth from the trough long enough to utter these profoundly sage, did I say profoundly sage? Jeez, obviously I meant to say retarded, man I apologize, I'm sure that was a shock to the old ticker, words, shortly afterwards his neck grew weak and his attendants soothed his bulbousness with several gallons of scotch...
MIAMI - Sen. Edward Kennedy, one of the authors of a landmark Senate immigration bill, urged President Bush on Tuesday to become “more engaged, more involved'’ in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform - or millions of undocumented immigrants will fail to win legal status.
Oh horrors Mr. Smithers! Our poor criminal aliens won't get their goodies, whatever shall we do?

I believe Mr. Ted (Orca) Kennedy should be required to legaly change his name to 'unmitigated gall."

It suits, don'cha think?

Oh, and it appears Christmas comes early for the Freedom Folks this year...
Meanwhile, immigrant rights activists announced a new round of pro-legalization rallies and marches timed to coincide with the end of the congressional recess after Labor Day weekend.
Yay! Retarded illegal aliens telling us we suck and we better get off their land whilst parroting the word 'racist' as though they knew what it meant, huzzah! Keep up the good (retarded) work guys, I'll just kick back and feed you rope.

As the old song sez..."won't you please come to Chicago?"

H/T immigration watchdog

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NO, it's not the difficulty inherent in getting funding for colleges or deviant art.  What is it you ask?

Go here for the shocking answer!

Oh, and BD?  Heh!

Something's wrong with immigration protests

Source: dailynews

Bridget Johnson, a reporter and blogger attended the Maywood protest last weekend. She has a piece up today at the link detailing her experience in the delightful garden spot of "Aztlan USA!!"

...And if immigration proponents have been trying to pass off reconquista claims - the belief that immigrants want to take back "Aztlan" - as paranoid, these protesters weren't helping. One sign proclaimed "Stolen continent" - yet displayed two continents, North and South America. "White racists this is our continent" read one sign. Another said, "We will never live in peace until we get the European squatters off our lands."

...A couple of times, unwelcome people came into the counter-protesting crowd to take photos or video, and were quickly surrounded by an angry crowd and pelted with water bottles and debris. Shouts of "you little white b-" were directed at a blond woman; a man yelled "Get out of here, this is our town" through a bullhorn to others.

...But when you have virulent protests that include a pre-teen boy yelling "f- that white b-" at a passing fair-skinned woman - me - something is seriously wrong. Especially when it comes from the side holding a banner that proclaimed "Say NO to racism."
Read it, her blog with pix, here

H/T Lonewacko

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No Pattern?

Source: sfgate
The victims of Tuesday's hit-and-run carnage were men and women, old and young, black, white and Asian. One was on a bike, the rest on foot.

They were mowed down in at least 11 locations in San Francisco. The lone fatality was in Fremont, a 54-year-old man hit as he walked along a bike lane in an area without sidewalks.

At least 14 people were sent to the hospital.

"There appears to be no pattern," said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.
From 'Right Wing Nuthouse's' comments section...
People who have nothing at all in common apart from being (mostly) pedestrians. Black, white, Asian; male, female; young, old; there just isn’t any kind of common characteristic that he seemed to be targeting.

Except, as I said, that all but one were pedestrians. If this was ‘terrorism’, it was the standard garden-variety terrorism practiced by drivers against pedestrians. And sadly, this nation has yet to declare war on that kind of terror.
Now I realize I don't have the sort of swollen cranium that would allow me to write for sfgate, much less piss in Rick Moran's wheaties, but, I can think of something every single one of these "totally random," "out of the blue," "absolutely nothing in common" folks had in common.

How about you?*

*For a subtle hint check the last Technorati tag, it just might contain what we around here like to call a "clue."

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Show Prep 083006: Jihadi rampage inSF

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!!

Comin at'cha live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 1-4 Central time.

To listen

If that player gives you any trouble and use the "non-java" player.

To call and be part of the show...1-888-407-1776

Jihadi rampage in SF, Michelle has more. Allah ain't biting. More.

MAIA in Chicago today!

And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Jake's blog pick O'the week: Immigration watchdog

Religion Of Flaming Crispy Pieces Update...

Michelle has more on the San Fran Jihadi rampage...Here

MAIA in Chicago Tomorrow

Source: A lady's ruminations

Me and The Bald Chick will be in and out at this event tomorrow. I'll be there in the AM hopefully conducting some interviews for the blog and the radio show. And we may stop by later after work, so if you're in the area stop on by and say hi and support these brave folks.

A quick note on the neighborhood where the church is located. For those who don't know we lived in that neighborhood until last Saturday and are consistently amused to hear folks describing it as crazy dangerous. It's really not, is it a bit rough around the edges? You bet! Is it the wild west? Um, no. Hope to see ya there!


This is from The Uncooperative Blogger:

I just got this from one of my members, let's see what we can do to help.

I just got off of the phone with Michelle Dallacroce of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens and she is asking for our help. Let the phone blitz begin! Below is the urgent message she sent to me via e-mail:



You can be a valuable asset to making this Rally an AMAZING SUCCESS BY DOING ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING:

1. Attending the Rally on August 30, 2006 in Chicago

2. Calling EVERY STATE REP AND CONGRESSMAN and telling them you are a member of MAIA and what our position is on the 14th Amendment;

3. Calling the DCFS hotline for Child Abuse at 217-524-2606 and filing a report to rescue Saul Arellano from the Methodist Church for the protection of his emotional and physical safety.

4. You can send the Press Release to every member and friend you have and ask them to attend and join MAIA in Chicago.

5. Call Chicago Police Department at 312-744-8290 and tell them to contact DCFS.

6. Call ICE at 630-574-4600 and tell them to call DCFS about the child and tell them he is a hostage and needs to be protected.

Remember we want to maintain that we are a humanitarian group effort to rescue this child from the abuse from his mother. He has ADHD and is a juvenile.

What you can do to help is put the heat on with a phone blitz:

Call ICE Office in Chicago and report that you are a member of MAIA Mothers Against Illegal Aliens and that you want ICE to initiate a call to DCFS (Dept. of Child and Family Service) to remove the child for his safety. Under the ANCRA Act which is the Illinois Child Protective Act, then call the Police Department and Then call DCFS and report to them what you want.

They will probably hang up on you, but that's okay. If they know that there is public support that is what we need!

The numbers are: US Immigration: 630-574-4600
DCFS - 312-814-6800
Chicago Police Department:312-744-8290
Tell Ice to call DCFS
Tell Chicago Police to Call DCFS
Tell DCFS to get the child removed.

Here is the link to the ANCRA Act and the following is the portion which is putting the child at risk which the mother is using her child as a hostage to have her demands met.

Abused Child

"Abused child" means a child whose parent or immediate family member, or any person responsible for the child's welfare, or any individual residing in the same home as the child, or a paramour of the child's parent:

· inflicts, causes to be inflicted, or allows to be inflicted upon such child physical injury, by other than accidental means, which causes death, disfigurement, impairment of physical or emotional health, or loss or impairment of any bodily function;

· creates a substantial risk of physical injury to such child by other than accidental means which would be likely to cause death, disfigurement, impairment of physical or emotional health, or loss or impairment of any bodily function;

· commits or allows to be committed any sex offense against such child, as such sex offenses are defined in the Criminal Code of 1961, as amended, and extending those definitions of sex offenses to include children under 18 years of age;

· commits or allows to be committed an act or acts of torture upon such child; or

· inflicts excessive corporal punishment.

Mother's name is : Elvira Arellano, FUGATIVE FROM IMMIGRATION
Juvenile name: Saul Arellano, 7 years old
STATE: Chicago

Michelle Dallacroce
Founder, MAIA
USAF Veteran


Michelle Dallacroce is often a guest on FoxNews and Fox will be in Chicago to cover the story. She asks also if you would please call Fox and other media networks to give positive feedback to the work her group is doing.

This little lady is a true patriot and is sacrificing her time - and her own safety - to bring the issue of illegal immigration crimes to the attention of our nation and especially to our elected officials.

Do whatever you can to help her out but please, do something. Every little bit helps. Time to get busy!

See When Mom's Not Happy for more information about the rally.

Visit Michelle's website at MOTHERS AGAINST ILLEGAL ALIENS

Here is email contacts for FNCX and more:

When Stupid People...


Source: crystalharmonychuckleheadblog

K, so, like, this chick is like, you know, totally mad at Pat Buchanon*, see? And she doesn't like that he, like, you know, is saying bad things about mexicans, like, you know?
"Here Pat Buchanan deepens his case against illegal immigration (and his case for a moratorium on even legal immigration) with statistic after statistic concerning, among many topics, the shockingly disproportionate degree of disease and crime that illegal Mexican and other immigrants are transmitting into the country."
So, she like totally explainerates here...
I would like to point out, however, that those Mexicans of whom he speaks are likely coming down with diseases like TB (which he specifically harps upon if my understanding is correct) b/c they are being housed in coops similar to the ones housing the disease-ridden chickens that they are taking care of and we are eating. ALSO, the fact that we don't give them insurance, despite completely relying on them for our agrarian labor, might also have something to do with those supposed statistics...which by the way, I would really like to examine further (sociology has to be good for something, right?).
Okay, back to Jake voice now. So our little chickadee doesn't like that Pat Buchanon is suggesting that Mexican illegal aliens are bringing long ago vanquished diseases into this country. With a soft science degree in hand she, like totally (whoops!) deciderates that the ACTUAL reason Mexican illegal aliens are carrying these diseases is due to their being confined in coops like chickens?


But be not dismayed folks, she will have her (low IQ) revenge...
...And definitely smarter than the people that believe the racist, xenophobic dribble promulgated by freakin Pat Buchanan, who I personally challenge to a dance off - the loser will have to be exiled to Mexico (I figure it's a win/win situation for me that way)...although losing a dance-off to Pat Buchanan would really be the biggest embarrassment of my life.
Would someone buy this, ahem, college grad a dictionary, please?

Okay, new question: can a fact be xenophobic?

You ask me? PB would kick her ass on the dance floor! But that's just me.

*PB is not exactly our favorite person around here these days, but I'll defend even him from an attack this retarded.

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Don't Judge A Book...

It's endlessly fascinating to me to browse through the blogosphere and take in the wide variety of opinions and attitudes held by my fellow Americans. Often you can tell quite a bit about where a person stands by how their page looks.

A quick example. Last summer my lovely wife and I released a CD of patriotic music, one of the ways we attempted to market it was through blogs. I looked at a couple of thousand blogs during this time and became fairly expert at gauging a person's political orientation via just the look of their site. For example the majority of liberals (99.99%) never have an American flag graphic, while a majority of conservative sites do. That's merely one example there were other things as well and if you'd like to know what they are you can send a self addressed, stamped envelope to..."Jake's big screen TV fund c/o..."

So while doing a Technorati search tonight I came across this page and assumed from the look of it and the gentleman's picture that he would support illegal immigration.

I was wrong. Like I said, endlessly fascinating.

When Smart People...


It's amazing to me how many smart people read this blog. A case in point...(responding to this)
“We are either going to prove that we believe in the ideas enshrined on the Statue of Liberty or the American people will go looking elsewhere.”

I get so sick of polticians who confound the poetry of Emma Lazarus with the intellect of our founding fathers. I think the problem for Pence is that his "American Story" begins and ends with his grandfather's arrival. Nothing that happened before matters: Our founders' warnings about the numbers, scope and compatability of immigrant groups cannot be heeded because Emma Lazarus wrote a poem for a newspaper publisher's promotional contest in New York City (which as a city has never been representative of America's general character).

On the other hand, nothing matters to Pence if it happened subsequent to April 1923, so things like the immigration restrictions in the Johnson-Reed Act of 1924 may not be discussed even though they led us an assimilated, united Citizenry in December 1941 rather than a gaggle of squabbling German and Italian diasporas.

Pence gives us a glimpse into his heart of hearts here: the romanticized version of his grandfather's arrival in 1923 renders irrelevant the cherished ancestral stories my family has handed down since 1608 on the land that became these United States.

The effing asshat dismisses my obligation to pass on a nation to my child that my ancestors would recognize and take pride in because their efforts came before his ancestors arrived to take advantage of what my ancestors had created.

Screw him. And I'm being polite as I can possibly be in writing that.
Found here.

Oh, and his most excellent blog can be! Thanks KD.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mexico? Corruption? Say It Ain't So!

Source: Minuteman blog

(See bolded bit for Mexican corruption)
The NG leadership explained their Rules Of Engagement to us, "Observe, Spot and Report to USBP". No contact. No detaining. Observe and report. While these well armed soldiers were set up to spot and report, they detailed to us the stories they've collected over the past 2 weeks how the Mexican federales will bring a Mexican HumVee up to the border fence, and the NG would bring 4 to match them. They explained that they learned when the federales brought up a Humvee, that's when the drugs were about to move across the border. They told of the stories of watching groups of illegals come across with children. They also explained that although they are there to help secure that area of the border, admitting that the would-be illegal aliens are now being forced to cross at other locations.

Quote Of The Day

Well said. Pence's plan is not a sick joke; rather, it is sleight of hand. What's wrong with sleight of hand? Johnny Carson started as a sleight of hand artist. Of course, he graduated to become Carnack the Magnificent. Let's see if Pence can do something similar.
Isn't it both sad and amusing listening to conservatives/the slave holding class, attempt however vainly to keep their slaves?

Source: NRO

Mike Pence: Rising Superstar or jackass?

Source: nytimes
Conjure what might be called the perfect conservative, and chances are he would look a lot like Representative Mike Pence, the Indiana Republican who in just three terms has turned 100 House allies into a vanguard and himself into one of his party’s rising stars.

Or that was the case until this spring when he sought compromise in the rancorous immigration debate. His complicated plan would strengthen border security and send illegal immigrants home, but let most of them quickly return. Since then, Mr. Pence — named last year’s Man of the Year by the conservative weekly Human Events — has looked to some conservatives like this year’s Benedict Arnold. They say he has lent his conservative prestige to a form of liberal amnesty.

Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum called his plan “a sick joke.” Richard A. Viguerie, the direct-mail pioneer, threatened to punish politicians who supported it. Pat Buchanan, editor of The American Conservative, likened the betrayal to a scene from “The Godfather.”

Perpetually genial, prematurely gray, Mr. Pence, 47, said, “I was taken aback by the level of invective.”
Why? Why in god's name would Mr. Chucakles be "taken aback by the 'invective?'" Is disagreement now invective? According to my trusty Mirriam-Webster invective means insult of abuse, is that what really happened here? Or did Mr. Chuckles not like being slapped down as he tried so desperately to sell out his fellow countrymen?

Now, here is the sort of thing that truly makes my ass itch...
“It’s a test of the character of the conservative movement in the 21st century,” he said. “We are either going to prove that we believe in the ideas enshrined on the Statue of Liberty or the American people will go looking elsewhere.”
This is at best a non sequitor. We will "prove that we believe in the ideas enshrined on the Statue of Liberty?" Huh? "or the American people will go looking elsewhere." At the risk of repeating myself, huh?

And providing efficient, potentially wildly corrupt amnesty is now..."a test of the character of the conservative movement?" Really? When did that happen?

Now, though I currently live in the occupied heart of mid-western Aztlan, I had the opportunity to visit the Statue of Liberty for the first time about a year ago. I gotta tell you, I may have nodded off at some point, but I don't recall anything about illegal immigration being "enshrined" on the grand old gal.

And, "the American people will go elsewhere?" Seriously, what does this mean? That if we don't support his retarded amnesty plan Americans will have to move to Paraguay? Which, by the way, I hear is lovely this time of year.

I do actually know what he's getting at, I think he's retarded, I'm not. What he's trying to say, in a bass-ackwards kinda way, is that even the worst bill in the world is better than no bill. Sorry Mike, gonna have to call BS on that one good buddy. I think no bill is a far superior option to the nation killing piece of tripe you're peddling sir.

Here's my favorite bit from this steaming pile of happy...
And when asked why an Indiana congressman was focused on the border, he responded with a ready phrase: “April 11, 1923.”

That is when his Irish grandfather, Richard Michael Cawley, a Chicago bus driver, arrived on Ellis Island. “We were especially close,” said Mr. Pence, who added that he sees his grandfather’s thrift and hard work in today’s immigrant generation.
Imagine this to the tune of My Fair Lady...

Every day is Ellis Island
And full of kittens and sunshine
Me grandpappy were marvelous
And illegal immegrants are too!

I tend to refer to this as "Ellis Island Syndrome." Those who suffer from this debilitating malady often conflate legal and illegal immigration, are unable to hear anything negative about immigrants, and smell faintly of Glenfiddich and old ductwork.

The Pence Ploy, as Bryanna Bevens of Vdare calls it is a dirty piece of legislation. Read her take downs here, here, here and here.

And let's not forget who the evil she-hag crone is behind this debacle here.

It's a shame really, this guy sounds like he was alright, as scumbag, waste of skin politicians go, but this issue is the crucible of our time, and he just managed to step on the old crank with golf shoes on. He's not the first, and he won't be the last.

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Mexican Crime Families Run Most of Californias Pot Farms

Source: press democrat
Illegal marijuana production is surging on the North Coast and across the state as a result of rising dominance of Mexican crime families over the state’s underground pot economy.

Scores of Mexican nationals are being sneaked across the border to grow, guard and harvest marijuana gardens inside California because tightened border security has crimped smuggling of Mexican-grown pot into the state, according to local, state and federal drug agents.

Mexican-controlled operations now account for as much as 70 percent of all the marijuana cultivated in the state’s rural regions, including the North Coast, the agents said.
As much as I loathe illegal immigration, and I really, really do. This is a peculiar pet peeve of mine. The idea of foreign nationals entering this country for the sole purpose of committing crimes, it literally makes me want to scream. I dream of the day we decide to be an actual honest to god country again and after hunting this scum down, watching their lifeless bodies get tumbled over the fifty foot fence on our border.

I said it was a dream.

H/T immigration watchdog

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The New Americans?

Source: AZ Starnet
SIERRA VISTA — An illegal entrant who abandoned a 16-month-old girl under a mesquite bush as Border Patrol agents closed in was convicted of child abuse, but a jury rejected a more serious charge that could have led to a 24-year prison sentence. Juan Cayetano Rosas, 24, faces 2 1/2 years in prison for Friday’s conviction on a negligent child abuse charge.

Cayetano, from Huachinango in the Mexican state of Puebla, was among a group who crossed the border on July 5, 2005. He testified at his trial in Bisbee that he had just squeezed through a fence into the United States when the migrant smuggler leading his group told a woman to hand Cayetano her baby.

When Border Patrol vehicles suddenly appeared, Cayetano said the smuggler told the group to run. He ran with the baby and the mother went the other way.

Cayetano said he lay on the desert floor with the child for about two hours before the girl started crying. Thinking the cries would attract nearby agents, he ran away.

The woman was caught and told agents about the missing baby, and they caught Caye-tano about an hour later. He eventually led agents to her hiding place.

The child was scratched and covered with ants, but otherwise unharmed.
Offered without comment.

H/T Immigration watchdog

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Friends & Neighbors Update...

Source: Dallas Morning News
The historic level of drug violence not only threatens Mexican judges and politicians, who once were immune, but also American tourists and U.S. investors, as the cartels move into vacation corridors such as Acapulco-Zihuatanejo on the Pacific Coast, and Morelia-Uruapan in the central state of Michoacan.

A Dallas businessman recently pulled out of a $40 million project near the Zihuatanejo resort.

“We didn’t think this was the right moment,” said Carol Davenport, a real estate agent from Arlington, Texas, now working in Mexico, who represented the businessman. “The dire situation didn’t exactly inspire investor confidence,” she added, referring to a rash of killings in the area.

The scale of the lawlessness, its geographical reach, and the apparent inability of the government to keep it in check threaten Mexico’s political stability, some analysts warn.
When Mexico falls, and I guarantee it will fall, we'll be wishing we'd built the damn wall.

Earlier blogging on our "friends & neighbors."

Here and here

H/T Vdare

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What's My Name?

Source: sfgate
Up to 14 hurt in SF hit-and-run spree
7 critical; driver believed to have struck, killed a man in Fremont earlier

SAN FRANCISCO -- As many as 14 people were injured this afternoon by a motorist who drove around San Francisco running them down before he was arrested, authorities said.

Seven of those injured were in critical condition, police and firefighters said.

Authorities have identified the man who was arrested as Omeed Aziz Popal, who has addresses in Ceres (Stanislaus County) and Fremont.
Omeed Aziz?

Omeed Aziz Popal?

Nah, couldn't be!

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Show Prep 082906: Media bias? What media bias meng?

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!!

Comin at'cha live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 12-3 Central time.

To listen

If that player gives you any trouble and use the "non-java" player.

To call and be part of the show...1-888-407-1776

Some interesting reax to Maywood, here and here

Corporate takeover of America's borders?

Reconquista? Couldn't be!

Media bias, what media bias meng?

The "war on terror?"

And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Jake's blog pick O'the week: Immigration watchdog

Monday, August 28, 2006

Show Prep 082806: Reconquistas: on the move!

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!!

Comin at'cha live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 1-4 Central time.

To listen

If that player gives you any trouble and use the "non-java" player.

To call and be part of the show...1-888-407-1776

Maywood, the fun continues, and continues, and continues

Nope, absolutely nothing to worry about!

Jobs Americans won't do?

Steve Centanni and Olag Wiig, converted to Islam at gunpoint? Have "great respect for Islam?"

And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Jake's blog pick O'the week: Immigration watchdog

Tanker Bros. Slimed: By The Forces Of Tolerance?


I have had the pleasure of conversing with The Master Gunner for almost a year now.  He calls me and MJ one of his 'wingmen,' an appelation we are ridiculously proud of having earned.

MG and I do not always agree, which has precisely nothing to do with the high esteem and honor I hold him in as one of our nation's protectors.  One who has given much in service of this great country as all our vets and currently serving personnel have done since this nation's founding.

We love the guy, I love the guy, so to read this didn't make Jake a happy camper...
Today, the Tanker Brothers were called, among other things:

1. Hate Mongers
2. Murderers "killing innocent people"
3. Brainwashed
4. Foolish
5. Macho Nutcases
6. Clowns
7. Traitors
8. Brain damaged
9. Nazi Propagandists

And that was in one post.
His posts are here, and here, I'll wait while you read them.

Gunner tipped me to an idea articulated by JP at suggesting that this was a new tactic of the left. Unfortunately like all new tactics of the left, it's an old tactic, smearing the troops.

Here's what Gunner wrote about why he started his excellent blog...
Our sole motivation, the thing that keeps us going, is that we refuse to allow the guys and gals we've fought alongside to get the same treatment our Dad and his buddies got when he returned from his second tour in Vietnam. I think the only thing I wasn't called today was a Baby Killer. But I know it's coming.
Here's where the salty language starts if you don't care to read that sort of thing I'll understand, but it needs to be said, out loud, by a citizen of this country.

Attention trash and filth masquerading as citizens of this great country. You apear to be under the misapprehension that there is no consequence to your maligning a good man. A good man who has undertaken to protect your sorry, inconsequential ass and said smelly asses ability to malign him. How powerful of you, how magnimonious of you to speak ill of one who is your better in every way, in every single fucking way.

I realize I'm speaking to the retarded here so I'll type slowly. Even if you disagree with the current policy has it never occured to you that this gentleman could very well be asked and tasked to actually, physically save your life? No? That's because your an idiot liberal who is incapable of seeing anything other than aborted babies, racism and human genitals. You disgust me, you sub-human trash.

As to your oh-so-brave tactic of trolling milblogs?  Here's a thought...GROW UP!!  I realize in liberal land you think you ARE the grown up, how do I put this in english...Ha!

Listen up you hippies and assorted socialist, communist, anarchist scum. I am pledging myself to something and I ask all actual Americans to join me. If I ever witness a low-life retard liberal spit on or in any way mistreat a soldier in my presence I need you to understand something.


Let me explain to you in great detail how I envision this happening, I will first grab your hair and yank your head back, then I will punch you in your stomach as hard as I'm able, which is pretty hard. This will be followed by a slap across your bitch face, to be repeated as many times as necessary to make you cry like the little girls you truly, truly are. Or until the cops pull me off your sorry, smelly ass.

Male or female makes no difference, this is my solemn vow. You will not be allowed to treat our soldiers as shamefully as your pitiful forebearers did after the Vietnam war. Many of those veterans still suffer shame due to those despicable actions.

Never again.

I will cheerfully go to jail to protect our brave men and women who would never respond in this fashion, why? Because they are infinitely better human beings than you are even capable of comprehending.

You lefties are free to hate GWB all day long, that's his job, you are welcome to loathe any and all policies of this country, you are even free to call me such names as seem appropriate to you in those swollen craniums you're so proud of.

But stay away from my boys you sons of bitches. Leave the soldiers out of this, you got a bone to pick, an itch to scratch this isn't the way.

If you were decent human beings you'd understand that, of course, that's the essential problem, isn't it?

This is the face you'll see comin' at'cha if you choose to disregard (scroll down to the second pic, the one with the really ugly guy), I'd counsel against it, but it's your ass, and as a special bonus, it's a free country.

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Quote Of The Day II

Source: SOS
City of Maywood has 28,000 people
but only 3,105 registered voters

That about says it all

Quote Of The Day

Source: SOS

From 'Kele' of SOS after being attacked by the illegal alien brain trust...
I just wanted to say thank you to all of those who have emailed, telephoned and PM-ed their support. (Captain Valor, I am trying to PM you back, but your mailbox is full or disabled!) I am sore and bruised and I think I will have to have a few chiropractic adjustments in order to be able to walk without limping, but I am counting my blessings. My injuries could have been much worse.

I would also like to thank the Maywood Police Department for looking me in the eye as I was being assaulted, beaten, kidney punched, hit in the head with God knows what, and yanked around by my hair while they did absolutely nothing to intervene.

To Protect and To Serve, gentlemen.


Source: SOS
As far as my experience, I guess I was one of those "brief skirmishes" that was mentioned on the news. I got dropped off by my ride while he parked and I saw all of the American flags and starting walking towards them and suddenly, just as PD's experience, there was a rush of goons running towards me calling out "death to the minutemen". They stopped me in my tracks. They pushed me and told me if I took one step further, they would beat the sh*t out of me. So, as I stepped forward, they stole my sign and ripped it up and I stood there with my hands on my hips (one on my pepper spray and ready to use it!) Meanwhile, there is a group of about 4 or 5 police officers behind me doing NOTHING to the fact that I am being threatened, pushed around and stolen from. I was ready for whatever they were going to give me at that point. I was going to pepper spray all of them and as I turned my head while being pushed by some goon, a police officer waved me over. So, I went over and then they escorted me across the street to another group of officers who escorted me to our SOS group.
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Feel the pride swell in your breast as the national colors of Mexico are raised on federal property here in what used to be America. Feel the pride! It's infectious!


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Maywood: Kickin' it old school reconquista style

Source: SOS

Ahhhh, sunny Maywood Cali, one of our favorite post-American cities, and an illegal immigration bloggers wet dream, see here, here, here.

So SOS (Save Our State) decided to hold a rally in the illegal loving town of Maywood, they knew it would most likely get ugly, but they went anyway. For the uninitiated this is called 'courage," whereas it is absolutely not courageous to find yourelf in this country illegally, attend a protest with several hundred or several thousands of your vatos and threaten American citizens, that, for the uninitiated is called 'cowardice."

So, at the protest, in an absolute fit of patriotism what action did our illegal alien brain trust undertake to show their love for the land they are currently colonizing?

Did they...

1.) Get the mayor that bottle of Glenfiddich he'd been eyeing?

2.) Somehow manage to follow the law for nineteen consecutive minutes?


3.) Hoist the Mexican flag over a federal building?

If you selected option three you win today's Reconquista door prize, A BRAND NEW COUNTRY!

As it says in the front page (no permalink yet) of "Sat., 2:00pm Counter-protesters raise Mexican flag up Maywood post office flag pole Caller reports 100 counters and 30 SOS-MM still facing off in Maywood near post office. A small group of counters have replaced the US flag at Maywood post office with a Mexican flag. Police tried to pull the Mexican flag down but the ropes got stuck and it still flies at this time."

That's right boys and girls, in case you weren't sure, when the illegal alien brain trust flies the flag of the country they fled, the country that cannot and will not provide them with a decent economy, the country they came from before committing a veritable litany of rapes and murders, what it REALLY means is...they dig America!

I know it's a subtle message, it flies right past our bigoted and prejudiced European eyes. If we could only see with the pure eyes of the brown, indigenous, utterly pure as the driven snow folk we would see this for what it really means...

And of course in their youthful exuberance they oopsied and attacked some of the SOS folk, vandalized their cars and made threats. All part of the charm folks, nothing to worry about here. How lucky we are to have criminals and reconquistas of this caliber entering this great land at such a furious rate. Bless you goddess diversity, bless you.

Here are some video links to more of our invaders delightful behavior...

Victim of assault & eyewitness after the mathem

Violent thug threatens Americans because of their opinions

In all seriousness, the violence continues to ratchet up, I'm seeing stories like this more and more these days. Let's understand something, left to their own devices our charming invader class and their masters and handlers would be killing people in the streets as they do in the third world hell holes these folks are allegedly* fleeing from.

It's going to get worse, a lot worse. All I can think as I read this story is: how many more Americans have to be threatened, injured, or die before "we the people" put a stop to this nonsense?

More coverage of "invader class" violence and, here, here, here

*It's not fleeing when your flight plan is primarily concerned with what size big screen TV you will be enjoying, as Cap'n jack asks, savvy?

H/T Lonewacko & SOS

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Digger? You Want To Trade?

My good buddy Digger from Digger's realm just posted his representatives grades on immigration issues as provided by Congress Grades. He's under the impression that his representatives Clinton, Schumer and Slaughter are pretty bad on immigration issues, oh Digger, there's a reason I refer to this as 'the occupied heart of mid-western Aztlan!'

May I respectfully present you with the scores as earned by my elected Race Pandering Whore, Congressman, Luis Guttierez

This is not a photo of Luis Gutierrez,
just a kicky, fun reconquista pic from the Freedom Folk archives

CHAIN MIGRATION                F-

VISA LOTTERY                       F-


REFUGEE & ASYLUM           F-

AMNESTIES                             F-


OTHER REWARDS                 F-

BORDER CONTROL              F-


Since I don't know how to do those cool table thingies Digger does and I'm far too lazy to type the whole thing, you'll just have to trust me that his career grade is also an F-. 

Welcome to the occupied heart of mid-western Aztlan!

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Man Proposes -- God Disposes

So, we're having a lively time. We are moving this weekend, which is plenty stressful all on it's own. We got a call from a fellow Chicago Minuteman Wednesday night asking if we could give Ted Hayes a place to stay while he was in town. We said sure, which lead to multiple trips to O'hare yesterday. Ugh!

So Ted is here and we had a great time hanging out with him last night and this afternoon we'll be doing a protest in front of Adalberto Methodist church this afternoon with him, and, just to add to the fun, he's been receiving death threats all morning on his phone.

All this to say, don't expect to much in the way of posting today and tomorrow. Will update with news about the protest as soon as I can.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Steve Centanni, Olag Wiig Update

The Jawa Report has the latest.


It doesn't look good folks, please be praying.

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Show Prep 082406: Reconquistas: You win!

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!!

Comin at'cha live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 12-3 Central time.

To listen

If that player gives you any trouble and use the "non-java" player.

To call and be part of the show...1-888-407-1776

Devaluing citizenship?

Smell the

End of catch and release? un poco mas

Iran training Iraqi insurgents?

Iraq, still Muslim

Friends and neighbors?

Immigration censorship?

You win Unapologetic mexican! un poco mas

Civil rights?

A joke, a very sad joke

Import savages

And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Jake's blog pick O'the week: Vdare

Jackass Quote of the Day

Source: LA Weekly News

Like a persecuted pilgrim out of the Middle Ages, undocumented immigrant Elvira Arellano is taking the immigrant-rights movement to divine and desperate new heights.
Oh. There are desperate new heights being reached, alright -- desperate new heights in shameless rhetoric.

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BuckTown Dusty Brings Teh 'Heh!'

Bucktown Dusty is a very talented writer who for some unknown reason, I think when he's slumming, is a frequent commentor on this idiot blog. :P

He was kind enough to leave a trail of crumbs leading back to...this!

A sneak preview of the gooey deliciousness...
Jack and Jillita
Jack and Jillita went up one nation
To illegally fetch some jobs
Jack fell down at a construction site, and Jillita broke her water
They're citizens now, happily ever after
I believe I already mentioned...Heh!

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Source: dailybulletin
An estimated 75 percent of applicants for immigrant benefits - green cards, work visas, and a host of other documents - at a major federal processing center were not screened through the U.S. terrorism watch list over the past four years, the Daily Bulletin has learned.

The error - on nearly 3 million applications dating to 2002 - was confirmed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers at the National Benefits Center in Lee’s Summit, Mo., near Kansas City. The center is one of several facilities across the country that process foreign applications for immigrant benefits.

Numerous Department of Homeland Security e-mails - sent the day after British authorities uncovered major terror plot - noted that supervisors and adjudicators at the Missouri center were not aware that a simple touch of a computer key would have allowed them to check the names of applicants against the highest-priority terrorist list. According to the e-mails and the adjudicators themselves, up to 2.8 million applications at the center dating to 2002 did not get such checks.
Gosh beav, let's remember these same boneheads will be involved with any amnesty or guest worker efforts.

Excellent reportage from our favorite reporter!

H/T Beyond Borders Blog

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stupid Knows No Country

Source: spiegel
This just in: The Lebanese men suspected of having deposited bombs on German trains last month were hired hands -- in the employ of the German government itself.

That, at least, is what one 27-year-old from Saudi Arabia believes. "It's all a Protestant crusade," the man explains. "All of northern Germany is Protestant, isn't it? And so is President Bush." Then the man launches into a melange of confusing arguments and historical facts. The bubonic plague, Martin Luther and former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl all make a cameo. It's all connected somehow, the man is sure of it.

Ordinary Lads?

Source: dailymail
Asian students' shock at ejection from jet by passenger mutiny

Two Asian students have revealed their shock and despair after being thrown off a plane because other passengers feared they were suicide bombers.

Manchester Umist students Sohail Ashraf and Khurram Zeb, both 22, said they sympathised with nervous travellers, but urged people not to be paranoid about Muslims.

"We might be Asian, but we're two ordinary lads who wanted a bit of fun," Mr Ashraf told the Daily Mirror.

"Just because we're Muslim does not mean we are suicide bombers."
While undoubtedly true that not all Muslims are suicide bombers the opposite of that statement is that almost all suicide bombers are Muslim. To even be surprised by this shows that these lads are, at the very least, not very bright. Especially considering that a major terror plot was recently revealed involving the ubiquitous "Asians."

Some other "ordinary lads."

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Northwest jet turns back; passengers arrested

Source: CNN.COM

Yet another test of the defenses? Or merely dangerously stupid? You decide...
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (CNN) -- Twelve passengers were in custody Wednesday after a Northwest Airlines flight bound for Mumbai, India, returned to Amsterdam with a fighter jet escort, Dutch police said.

They have not been formally charged, police said. But an airport policeman said authorities have enough information to hold the 12 for at least three days.

Flight 42 returned to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport "after several passengers displayed behavior of concern," Northwest Airlines said in a written statement. *snip*

Some of the passengers pulled out cell phones during the flight and appeared to be trying to pass the cell phones to other passengers, a U.S. government official said.

In addition, some passengers unfastened their seatbelts while the light requiring they be fastened was still illuminated, the official said.
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Show Prep 082306: The Unapologetic mexican

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!!

Comin at'cha live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 1-4 Central time.

To listen

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Update on this

Go scouts!

Steve Centanni update

Osama & Whitney sittin' in a tree?

British balkers update

Elvira Update

When lawyers attack?

The enemy within

He's an American, meng?

Point of no return?

Mean spirited?

When mama ain't happy?

Are conservatives winning the demographics war?

Croc snack?

And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Jake's blog pick O'the week: Vdare

Civil Rights...NOT!

There has been much blogging about Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, two Border Patrol agents who have been convicted as follows and await sentencing. NOTE: When any topic gets this much buzz in the blogosphere while being glossed over or outright ignored by the MSM, it's a story you need to follow.

Source: Washington Times

A federal jury convicted agents Ignacio Ramos, 37, and Jose Alonso Compean, 28, in March of causing serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, and a civil rights violation. The shooting occurred Feb. 17, 2005, near Fabens, Texas, about 30 miles southeast of El Paso.

Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, a Mexican national, was wounded as he ran from the agents along the Rio Grande after they said he pointed what appeared to be a gun at them as they tried to apprehend him. Nearly 800 pounds of marijuana, worth $1 million, was found in the van that he abandoned at the river's edge, the Border Patrol said.
Hold it. Wait just a minute. Aldrete-Davila is a Mexican national. What civil rights?

civil rights
the nonpolitical rights of a citizen; especially : the rights of personal liberty guaranteed to United States citizens by the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution and by acts of Congress

But gets better...

Mr. Aldrete-Davila, who was given immunity by prosecutors to testify against the agents, also received care at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso. He is suing the government for $5 million for violating his civil rights.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. From my own personal experience, even lawyers don't know (or won't admit) what civil rights are anymore. I asked one (albeit, an immigration attorney) point-blank at a protest a few months ago. She very defensively barked that of course she knew what civil rights are. When I asked her to clarify it for me, she stumbled, then proclaimed that they are human rights.

People who support amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders, and the U.S. as a welfare state for the world are working very hard to make sure that the distinct line between human rights and civil rights is erased in our minds. It would make their work of destroying our sovereign nation oh-so-much easier.

That's why it's so important for us to keep our blogospheric Sharpies furiously writing. Because the lefties won't be content to just erase the definition of civil rights. They won't be happy until they've erased the borders of our great country.

Not on my watch.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

KD Is Vibin' Me

Katie's Dad from Unabashedly Unhyphenated has a post up gauging the likelihood of violence in the near future from the immigration debate. 

An Amuse Bouche...(I am a chef dammit!)  :)
The overall message I'm getting from my immigration-related alerts is that there are an awful lot of Americans whose anger is about to cross the line from conversation and angst to action.
Check it out.

My thoughts on the subject: Here, Here, and here.

Cost of Senate Immigration Bill Put at $126 Billion

Source: wapo
The Senate's embattled immigration bill would raise government spending by as much as $126 billion over the next decade, as the government begins paying out federal benefits to millions of new legal workers and cracks down on the border, a new Congressional Budget Office analysis concludes.

Law enforcement measures alone would necessitate the hiring of nearly 31,000 federal workers in the next five years, while the building and maintenance of 870 miles of fencing and vehicle barriers would cost $3.3 billion. Newly legalized immigrants would claim nearly $50 billion in federal benefits such as the earned income and child tax credits, Medicaid, and Social Security.
And this is supposed to save social security? Uh-huh, nice try.

H/T Lonewacko

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A Solid Fisking...

Apollo @ Snarky Bastards (my, that has a ring to it, don't it?) does a full on fisking.

A taste of the goodness...
There are two rules that are true of any MSM story regarding citizens fighting against illegal immigration:

1. The reporter will obstinately refuse to note any distinction between illegal and legal immigration, often to the point of confusing the reader
2. Opposition to illegal immigration is everywhere and always about race
It's possible we may have mentioned this once or twice before?


H/T Beyond Borders Blog

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Racist Minutemen

The folks over at Workers World would really like you to know what disgusting, fat racists the Minutemen are.

Some 325 immigrant rights delegates from 25 states met on August 11-13 in Hillside Ill., outside Chicago. The group named itself the “National Alliance for Immigrant Rights.”


Nineteen Minutemen vigilantes stood outside the conference at one point, their racist, pro-slavery Confederate flags flying, their anti-immigrant signs resting on their paunches.
Well, Jake and I were two of the Minutemen there. I'm behind the camera here, taking this shot of we racists waving our Confederate flags and using our hard-earned paunches as oh-so-convenient sign rests...

Wait just a minute. There are no Confederate flags here. And the Minutemen are holding those signs up like nobody's business.

Those pesky photographs! How is a good Socialist (yes, I know it's an oxymoron) supposed to get away with making up insulting shit if Minutemen are going to bring cameras to protests?!?

I guess that's why they always object when I get them on camera. I just hope you can sense the abyss-like depth of my regret from wherever you are.

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Jobs Americans Won't Do

We recently took an illicit, late night jaunt down to Indiana. Did you know that you can pay upwards of $75 for a carton of cigarettes in the Windy City. OUCH.

Well, you'll never guess what we found when we stopped off for a quick bite at Arby's...

Yep, that's right folks: Americans. Doing a job Americans won't do.


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Follow Up: The British Balkers

Source: Hot Air

From this story. I'm quite certain you recall the British passengers who abruptly deplaned refusing to fly with two dodgy looking Muslim gentlemen? A certain British authority excoriated them as "racists?"

Mr Wearden, who was returning from a nine-day holiday with his wife and three children, said the first he became aware anything unusual was happening was as the plane was due to take off and “the family in front of us just got off”…

The captain then spoke to the two men and returned to the cockpit with their passports, said Mr Wearden.

“We were then asked to get off the plane and go back to the airport where they did a full security check.”

It was then, he said, that his wife Susanne began talking to another passenger who said she had sat next to the two men.

“She said she had heard them saying it was the last 30 minutes of their lives,” said Mr Wearden.

“It may well be that the two simply thought they were being funny, but it perhaps better explains the passenger reaction.”

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Steve Centanni: Still Missing, Too Quiet

The Divine Miss M has asked bloggers to make a noise about missing Fox news reporter Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf wiig. They have been missing for over a week with no news and the regular media has been ignoring the story.

If you are the proprietor of a blog please consider putting something up about this and T/B'ing back to Michelle.

Michelle has much more at her site including a disgusting article by a

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Show Prep 082206: It's the end of the world?

Welcome To America -- Now Speak English!!

Comin at'cha live from the occupied heart of mid-western Atzlan from 12-3 Central time.

To listen

If that player gives you any trouble and use the "non-java" player.

To call and be part of the show...1-888-407-1776

Osama to Whitney: Love ya baby!

Elvira Update: Neiner-neiner

It's the 22nd: is the world ending? Iran : ready to make a deal? Oops: maybe not, Just a little sugar.

And what the hell is this?

Nothing to worry about folks!

Border Patrol agents sentenced today

Reconquista meng?

The Deportation Joke Pt. 4,562,195



And as always...

Your moment of Atzlan

Illegal immigration news

Jake's blog pick O'the week: Vdare

Quotes of the Day

From Elvira Arellano, illegal alien (2X), Social Security criminal, pro-amnesty activist, ICE fugitive, and mother (Source: New York Times):

"I didn’t allow them to deport me, and the community is supporting me."
I don't even know what to say. She didn't allow them to deport her. Speechless.

Also from Elvira Arellano (Source: Chicago Sun-Times):

"Until I get an extension of my case, immigration has the right to either get me here or somewhere else."
Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Guard The Borders BlogBurst

***A podcast of this week's Blogburst is now available.***

By Heidi at Euphoric Reality

There are only a few hours left to have some impact on the case of two Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, who are being sentenced tomorrow for attempting to apprehend a drug smuggler who was fleeing across the border illegally. The charges against the Border Patrol agents were serious bodily injury; assault with a deadly weapon; discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence; and a civil rights violation. Compean and Ramos also were convicted of four counts and two counts, respectively, of obstruction of justice for not reporting that their weapons had been fired. The Texas jury acquitted both men of assault with intent to commit murder, but found them guilty on all other charges. The recommended sentencing is 20 years in prison.

You can read the entire account of the case in this Daily Bulletin article written by Sara Carter, but there are a few things you need to know up front:

  • Assistant U.S. Attorney Debra Kanof, who prosecuted this travesty of justice against the two BP agents, has successfully contended that BP agents are NOT SUPPOSED to apprehend or pursue illegals.
  • "It is a violation of Border Patrol regulations to go after someone who is fleeing," she said. "The Border Patrol pursuit policy prohibits the pursuit of someone."
  • Two weeks after the incident, a Homeland Security agent tracked down the drug smuggler in Mexico and offered him immunity to testify against the two Texas Border Patrol agents. They found the drug smuggler based upon a tip from another BP agent in Arizona! The connection between the Arizona BP agent and the drug smuggler is murky, though the prosecutor gets upset at any one who dares to question the unsavory connection.

  • The drug smuggler was treated to free tax-payer funded medical care in El Paso in addition to his full immunity to testify against the BP agents.

  • The drug smuggler changed his story, but the fact that he lied was never disclosed to the jury.
  • According to the memo, Aldrete-Davila told investigators the agents shot him in the buttocks when he was trying to enter the country illegally from Mexico. But according to Aldrete-Davila's later testimony and that of the agents, he was shot after trying to evade the agents upon his re-entry into Mexico.

    The memo never was disclosed to the jury.

  • The drug smuggler is now suing the Border Patrol for $5 million for violating his civil rights.

  • Also, Ramos' extensive training and accomplishments in drug interdiction, which would be directly relevant to the actions he took during the incident with the drug smuggler, was deemed not admissible during his trial.
  • As a Border Patrol agent, Ramos has been involved in the capture of nearly 100 drug smugglers and the seizure of untold thousands of pounds of narcotics. He also was nominated for Border Patrol Agent of the Year in March 2005, though the nomination was withdrawn after details of the Aldrete-Davila incident came out.

    Ramos also had drug interdiction training from the Drug Enforcement Agency and qualified as a Task Force Officer with the Border Patrol. But Ramos' training in narcotics -- as well as the numerous credentials he had received for taking Border Patrol field training classes -- was not admissible during the trial, he said.

    TJ Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, just addressed the Congressional hearings here in Houston on August 16th, where this case was of great concern among all the law enforcement officials.
    He said the Border Patrol's official pursuit policy handcuffs agents in the field. He also sees the prosecution of Ramos and Compean as part of a larger effort by the federal government.

    "The pursuit policy has negatively affected the Border Patrol's mission as well as public safety. Part of that mission is to stop terrorists and drug smugglers," Bonner said. "They could be smuggling Osama bin Laden, drugs, illegal aliens, or it could have been just some drunk teenager out on a joyride. You don't know until you stop them."

    "The administration is trying to intimidate front-line agents from doing their job," he added. "If they can't do it administratively, they'll do it with trumped-up criminal charges.

    "Moreover, the specter of improprieties in the prosecution of this case raises serious concerns that demand an immediate, thorough and impartial investigation."
  • Ramos and Compean and their young families have been living under threats of retaliation from criminals in the drug underworld.
  • The El Paso Sheriff's Department has met with the Ramos family to discuss continued threats against them from people they believe to be associated with Aldrete-Davila. The sheriff's department also has increased patrols around the family's home.

    The only other organization that has responded to the Ramoses thus far, Monica Ramos said, is the Chino-based nonprofit group Friends of the Border Patrol, chaired by Andy Ramirez.

    "This is the greatest miscarriage of justice I have ever seen," Ramirez said. "This drug smuggler has fully contributed to the destruction of two brave agents and their families and has sent a very loud message to the other Border Patrol agents: If you confront a smuggler, this is what will happen to you."

    This case has been virtually ignored by the press, which is why the American public only found out about it after the conviction of the two BP agents. But now that we know, we must take action. If, as TJ Bonner has said, this case is a dirty attempt by our government to intimidate law enforcement officers into leaving the borders wide open and unguarded, then the American people must speak out immediately.

    You can do so by signing a petition that will be delivered to the President - but you must do so TODAY, it's the last day. The men will be sentenced tomorrow.

    The goal is to collect 100,000 signatures asking President Bush to pardon these two men. So far, 97,589 people have signed the petition and there is no doubt in my mind that Guard the Borders readers can fill in the remaining numbers needed. The petition, to which you may add your own comment reads as follows:
    To: President George W. Bush,

    As a citizen of the United States I am outraged to learn that two U.S. Border Agents are facing twenty-year prison terms for doing their jobs-- pursuing illegal aliens who cross our border, and I’m calling on you to officially pardon them for their actions.

    I am even more outraged to learn that this illegal alien (who was attempting to smuggle about 800 pounds of marijuana into our country), was tracked down by a Department of Homeland Security Investigator and granted immunity for his testimony against these two agents!

    This is a terrible injustice, and I urge you to use your considerable authority and power to pardon these two agents and right this obvious wrong!

    In addition to rallying your friends and family to take action with you, I would also ask that you call the White House Comments line, and leave a message on behalf of these agents. White House Comments line: 202-456-6213

    Please do not hesitate to take this small action on behalf of men whose lives have been destroyed by a drug smuggler and corrupt government agents and prosecutors. It's the very least we can do for them - I wish there was more.

    What if this was you? What will happen to these two men? What will be the fallout from such a miscarriage of justice?
    "My husband is a good man, a loving father, and his devotion to his country and his job is undeniable," Monica Ramos said. "Prosecutors treated the drug smuggler like an innocent victim, refusing to allow testimony that would have helped my husband. The smuggler was given immunity. My husband is facing a life in prison.

    "It's so frightening, it doesn't seem real."


    About a week ago, feeling little hope, Joe Loya, Monica Ramos' father, took the family on what will be Ignacio Ramos' last fishing trip with his sons before he is sentenced.

    "What kind of justice is this?" Loya asked. "What kind of nation do we live in when the word of a smuggler means more than the word of a just man?"

    Monica Ramos says her hardest day is yet to come -- the day the authorities take her husband away.

    "We just guard (our children's) hearts right now," Monica Ramos said. "I think about the last time he'll hug them as children, and maybe not get the chance to hug them again until they are grown men."

    The sons are between 6 and 13 years old.

    Ignacio Ramos was, if anything, even more emotional.

    "Less than a month left with my family," he said, his voice choking, as though the air had been pulled from his lungs. "My sons," he whispered. Then silence.

    It took several minutes for Ramos to summon more words. "All I think about at night is the day I have to leave my family. I can't sleep. I've always been with them."

    Then he talked about the memories he would never have, "their first dates, high school graduation, sports," and the tears falling from his eyes were mirrored only by those of his wife, who took his hand into hers.
    Families destroyed. A drug smuggler on the loose to threaten the lives of others and on the scam for $5 million dollars. And a government who won't do anything about either – unless we force it to.

    The only ones left who can help are the American people themselves. That means you.


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