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Saturday, January 13, 2007

'Marshall Plan' urged to stop LA gang crime

Source: latimes
Los Angeles faces a crisis of gang violence that will continue to spread into previously safe neighborhoods unless the city adopts a Marshall Plan-like initiative to provide young people with jobs and other alternatives in gang-plagued communities, a city-financed study warned Friday. The report by the Advancement Project called for a significantly greater investment -- up to $1 billion during the first 18 months, according to project director Connie Rice -- in a comprehensive mix of programs that include gang intervention and prevention and economic development. Much of that money already may be in the city budget for such programs but not as part of a focused, comprehensive strategy, said Rice, a civil rights attorney.
Do you think they have any idea what the "Marshall Plan" entailed?

In it's simplest form the Marshall Plan had two components...

1.) Destroy the enemy on a fundamental level. Destroy him to the point where he had no ability or desire to wage war. (Yes, I know the plan included allies, but would you classify these gangbangers as comparable to our allies in WWII?)

Then, and only then...

2.) Offer economic incentives to assist our defeated enemies back on their feet.

Anybody think LA has the cojones to follow both steps of the plan? Or to consider these gang bangers the enemy?

Yeah, me neither.

So, what you get is another candy assed billion dollar give away with no real benefits to anybody but the cronies of those in power. How lovely.

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