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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Aaron Broussard -- Lying or Stupid?

I had the misfortune of watching Mr. Broussard stink things up on old softie Tim Russerts show last night (thanks to the political teen for pouring this bilge into our TV free home, see video here, well I don't see it now).

See overview here

I don't know exactly how stupid Mr. Broussard might be, or conversely, how stupid he thinks we are but, his appearance on Meet The Press will go down in history as a classic example of a mental defective attempting to spin his way out of trouble.

The left eats this up as it fits the fantasy narrative the MSM and the left have pursued. Unfortunately every single point has been debunked, Michelle Malkin has details.

One detail though, I haven't seen this reported anywhere else. Puts a little different spin on poor Mr. Broussards motivations, doesn't it?

While weasely Tim lobbed softballs in Mr. Broussard's direction this inept bureaucrat couldn't even muster the mental acuity to rebut them in any sensible fashion. Offering only to debate or pummel anyone who had the audacity to question a public official in one of Americas most traditionally corrupt regions.

So, Mr. Broussard, you want a debate? I'm all over it pal, any time, any place.

And if you want to take a swing at me...well that's just sauce for the goose!



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