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Friday, April 07, 2006

Congress Unites for Illegal-Immigrant Deal

Sounds all warm and fuzzy right? Not!

"The worst accidents happen in the middle of the road."
Eugene McCarthy (I think I have this quote right but couldn't find a cite to save my life, please let me know if it's wrong)

Source: YahooNews
WASHINGTON - Putting aside party differences, Senate Republicans and Democrats coalesced Thursday around compromise legislation that holds out the hope of citizenship to many of the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States unlawfully.

"We can no longer afford to delay reform," said Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in a statement that capped weeks of struggle to find common ground.
Common ground? How about listening to your bases boys? I'm under the impression that a vast, bi-partisan majority of Americans favor enforcement first. Why not do that? What's that you say? You have no intention of ever enforcing the law? Never did?
The seesaw nature of events was in keeping with the unpredictable course of the election-year legislation, designed to enhance border security and regulate the flow of future temporary workers as well as affect the lives of illegal immigrants.

President Bush said he was pleased with the announced compromise, and urged the Senate to pass legislation by week's end.

But the emerging compromise drew fire from both ends of the political spectrum. Conservative Sen. John Cornyn (news, bio, voting record), R-Texas, likened it to an amnesty bill that cleared Congress in 1986, while AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said it threatened to "drive millions of hardworking immigrants further into the shadows of American society, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation."
The only thing unpredictable in this is what the Senators had for lunch. This is kabuki theater, a pointless vote our brave Senators can take home to the constituents and tout how tough or soft they are on illegals depending on what the folks back home want to hear.

Thanks President Bush, I still think you're a traitor!

This whole shadows thing leaves me scratching my head. OF COURSE they're in the shadows, they're illegal, duh! They 'posed to be in the shadows or, what? What do you think?

Having a delightful backrub with P-diddy?

Bouncing up and down on Pam Anderson's mammary monsters?

Lurking in Donnie Trumps 'UGE hairpiece?

No, how bloody comfortable do we have make folks who are here illegally? Seems to me the choices should be simple. Hide in shadows, or, Hit the road Jack -- and don't ya come back!
"I can just about guarantee you we're not going to get a majority of the House members (to agree) on amnesty to 10 million people," Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., said at a news conference. "I am disappointed that apparently Mr. Frist has caved in to the desires of Democrats, to Kennedy," he added.

Tancredo's remarks underscored the unpredictable political fallout from the issue as Republicans seek legislation to fortify the borders without offending the fast-growing Hispanic voting population. Bush has long argued that a guest worker program is an essential element of border security, but potential challengers for the 2008 GOP nomination have come at the issue from a variety of perspectives.
I would like to take a moment to address the 'alleged' "fast growing Hispanic voting population." If the only thought in your pointy head as a citizen is packing this country with more people who look like yourself you need to do me a big favor...KISS MY FAT MEDIUM-WHITE ASS!

Thank you.

I really think that's a bunch of road apples anyway. Yes the Latino activists will have you believe that they control the Hispanic votes, but is that true? I think not, in fact recent immigrants in my considerable experience are usually rather big fans of law and order, can anybody guess why?

No, it's not because they become sexually aroused by the uniform, man y'all are just sick.

Could it be that's what was lacking in their homelands? Nah, too simple right?

Moral governance is often good goverance. Or, following the law is very rarely a bad idea.
Frist, a potential presidential candidate in 2008, sought to establish more conservative credentials when he initially backed a bill limited to border security, an approach that drew criticism from some members of the rank and file who said he was placing his own ambitions ahead of the party's interest. At the same time, Frist has repeatedly called for a comprehensive bill — adopting Bush's rhetoric — and involved himself in the fitful negotiations over the past several days.
Comprehensive=amnesty! That's it, dress this up anyway you wish, I'm not going to like it any better no matter what shade of lipstick you smear on this pig. And from what I'm hearing most conservatives feel the same way, not to mention a lot of folks on the left as well.

This really is crunch time for civilization here folks. Not because I think the folks being offered amnesty are monsters, I don't. Not because I think their "dirty or nasty or whatever crap you want to throw at me." I don't.

Nope, because of the huge rallies and who was behind them. I understand perfectly why illegal immigrants are upset and if I gave a shit I would probably be sympathetic. But as they entered illegally it turns out I'm all out of caring.

However, we have this huge crowd of folks here who have demanded access to this society. Demanded, not asked. Now any society with a set would say "NO!" and boot their asses out in a hot second. But I guess we're no longer a nation or something cuz we dither and wring our hands and say things like..."But we can't hurt the feelings of folks who came here illegally making a sad joke out of our laws and those who have waited patiently to immigrate here the rightway."

Sure we can, and as a nation, like a parent, we are at a teachable moment. When your children misbehave, do you...

Thank them and hand them a shiny quarter?

Buy them a good bottle of scotch?

Hit on that teacher, you know the one?

No, you swat'em in the ass and send'em to their rooms. So instead of showing the world we take our laws and borders seriously we will now continue to transmit the message that we're too stupid to live, please come bomb us, please?

Oh, and would you continue to import the corruption that your culture excels at so effortlessly, thanks yeah, we were lacking around this bitch. And how about getting massively drunk and driving, gosh we love that, it's so cute!

I reiterate what I've been saying for some time now. I no longer believe the government can solve this problem, the rot goes too deep. Between big businesses demanding slaves and activists who would sell out their moms if it would gain something for people who look like them we no longer live in a country of laws.

So what happens next? I think we need to take the Minuteman idea and pump it up to the max. I have thoughts on this but would love to hear what you think.

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