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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Many immigrants at mercy of translators

Once upon a time a majority of the restaurant workers in Chicago were Americans. Shocking I know. Then one fine day President Ronald Reagan declared amnesty for a whole piss-pot of illegal immigrants and before you could say, Ole! The restaurants in Chicago were filled to the brim with illegal aliens, not that I'm suggesting any causality here, cuz I'm not, really, I'm not, much.

Now Jake has worked in restaurants since he was a littun' and spoke little to no Spanish. What did he do when his restaurants filled up with people who only spoke Spanish?

This article describes in great detail exactly, precisely what he didn't do...(stupidity and possible laziness bolded for your reading pleasure)
LYNN, Mass. - For Lidia Veras and Elena Clarisa Sepulveda, the pace of life is achingly slow, weighed down by confusion and delay.

Unable to speak or read English, the two immigrants and beauty salon co-workers from the Dominican Republic are at the mercy of friends to translate for them. When friends cannot help, doctors' appointments are skipped and mail goes unread, leaving the pair unsure what their banks, insurance companies or children's teachers are asking them to do.

Amid the national immigration debate, Congress has considered stronger incentives for immigrants to take English classes, including money and the potential for accelerated citizenship. But these women say they don't need an extra incentive; they need a desk. They are on a years-long, 400-person waiting list to get into a free, government-supported class at a community program called "Operation Bootstrap."

"It's a little like when a baby wants food and there's isn't any: She cries," says Sepulveda, speaking through a translator at Operation Bootstrap's office in this working-class city north of Boston.

Says program director Don Edwards: "I've got hundreds more of them. They get desperate. They start calling and begging. It really hurts your heart."
Oh for goodness sake, shut the hell up! Please quit whining, you're killing me.

So what do you think Jake did?

Did he...

Cry like a puling bitch that the gubmint wasn't moving fast enough to give him free stuff?


Take action like a goddamned adult?

Gee, I wonder. Let's investigate Jake's amazing, prodigious accomplishment.

Jake went to a book store and purchased a shiny new (remember these lazy sacks of crap OWN THIER OWN BUSINESS!!!ARGHHHH!!!!) one of these.

Damn, ain't that Jake a smart fellow? Perhaps these chuckleheads should invest a small portion of the profits from OWNING THEIR OWN BUSINESS into one of these.

Or these.

Or they could just suck on the gubmint tit as they've so clearly been trained to do.

Did I mention that they OWN THEIR OWN BUSINESSES? I do grow forgetful in my scotch soaked dotage you know.

We hear legion of stories regarding the legendary "can do" of the modern immigrant. If this is an example I'm most certainly not impressed.

As an aside, I'm sure some gentle reader somewhere is clucking their wizened tongue as they read this and wondering how I might happen to be so very cruel. Well, allow me gentle reader to disabuse you of some common misapprehensions.

I have managed crews of illegals for over twenty years, in those twenty years I have obviously observed small details of my employees lives and attitudes as we labored side by side. Most of my employees worked only one job, which provided them plenty of money to live on. An unfortunately large number of my illegal employees had drinking and substance abuse problems which often acted as more of a bar to advancement than their illegal status. Finally, most of my illegal employees had very little intention of staying in this country, though they often did so. America was viewed as a big, stupid ATM machine they could hit whenever they felt like and the object of the game was to amass enough money to return to the pueblo with a fat wad of greenbacks. A dream rarely fulfilled (see drinking and substance abuse problems above).

Almost every one of my employees could have availed themselves of a fine Berlitz course, but chose not to, is that somehow our fault? I don' think so Skippy.

We have this notion that all illegal immigrants are living hand to mouth, this is not entirely accurate, at least not in Chicago and probably in most major cities. In fact the majority I've known did okay money wise. So again, if they want language courses I applaud them, but it's incumbent on them to take the action and pay for services rendered.

I'd just like to remind you that we are told constantly that these folks aren't a drain on services. If that's true what in the hell do you call this?

If these are the "New Americans", well, I for one am not overly sanguine over our future.

H/T Immigration News Daily

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