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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Need A Laugh?

Then read this unbelievably shrill, over the top screechy hate letter/cum interview of...


No really, it's very long and goofy, but there's comedy gold in there, gold I say!

Okay, just a taste of the screechy over the top goodness...
Eric: Funny you should ask … Many of the supporters and allies of Save Our State and the Minutemen are US Neo Nazi organizations such as National Vanguard, and the National Alliance. Also, there is a strange connection between what David Duke and his lackeys were doing in the late 1970’s called “Klan Border Watch” it was a complete KKK sponsored border watch, not unlike what the minutemen are doing today. California Border Watch said in 2005 that they no longer support the Minutemen Project, along with numerous other projects, simply because many of their members and allies were of racist or fascist origin. The original Minutemen of the San Diego KKK n the 1930’s had similar ideas and ethics of todays Minutemen.
Let's get one thing straight right now, white is not my best color, and sheets? Please girl, they make my ass look huge!

OH, and of course the obligatory...HA-HA-HA, LOSERS!

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