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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A New American Compact

This just in from Kender:
When in the course of events in ones communities it becomes clear that our government is not interested in fulfilling their duty to their citizens, working towards protecting us from the criminals that have ignored our laws, stolen our resources and continue to invade our country, it is the righteous duty of every citizen to stand in for those that refuse to fulfill their oaths of office and protect us from these criminals:

And since it is the law of the land that citizens are legally obligated to carry identification that proves their legal right to be within the borders of this great country;

And since the current administration of the government of these United States has shown a willingness to refuse to adhere to the very laws they and their predecessors have created;

We, the undersigned legal citizens of these United States, do hereby announce that henceforth citizens arrests will commence of any and all persons found within our borders that do not have legal identification that proves their legal status to be within our borders, furthermore;

We demand that our government act immediately to ensure domestic tranquility and the application of laws equally for all persons within the jurisdiction of these United States of America and secure our borders from further incursions of persons that enter this country illegally.

Signed, Kender MacGowan
Sign it!

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