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Monday, April 10, 2006

Schaumburg Pro-Illegal Protests

We attended the Schaumburg Pro-Illegal immigration rally today.

It was held in front of Congresswoman Melissa Bean's offices.

Best and dumbest sign of the day!

We estimated the crowd at about fifty. The overall mood was pleasant, several large families were present.

This sign was proudly held by what appeared to be an again Hippie. The only white folks present all appeared to be reliving the glory days of the civil rights movement, civil rights, heh!

Justice, or citizenship? Pretty sign though.

As Ron White would say...Close!

The Illinois Hunger Coalition had a hand in organizing the event. This from their Latinos Organized for Justice page.

Latinos Organized for Justice (LOJ), a program of the Illinois Hunger Coalition (IHC),
was born out of the organizing triumph when leaders mobilized 3,000 immigrants for the 10,000 people Amnesty Rally in September 2000. The mission of LOJ is to organize people in leaders’ community to have a greater voice in our democratic society and to impact the system by changing public policy. Based on the Gospels Catholic Social Teaching, LOJ works to create justice by building relationships with people such as other immigrant communities, political leaders, churches, community-based organizations, and other key corporate community leaders. Leaders continue to develop their leadership and organizing skills because leaders believe that by their Baptism, they are called to serve and to create a just society.
The rallies today in Chicago seem a bit underwhelming after the 100,000 illegal march two weeks ago. We wonder why so little for a city that is nice enough to host a half a million illegals in a "sanctuary city?"

We will be attending this event tonight at 6:30. Our Congressman Slick Luis Gutierrez will be there so fireworks are possible. If worse comes to worse our favorite Gyro joint is only three blocks away!

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