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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


How nasty is this?
"When [DeLay] returned from the trip and a reporter pressed him about sweatshops in the Marianas, he said, 'I saw some of those factories. They were air-conditioned. I didn’t see anyone sweating.' Then he laughed. Inspired by the labor model he saw on Saipan, he threw out a daring and philosophical idea: the United States should establish an identical 'guest worker' program 'where particular companies can bring Mexican workers in.' The Mexicans would be paid 'at whatever wage the market will bear.'"
This is truly not the party I signed up for. Don't worry though it gets worse...
"Orian [the procurer] says he isn't whipsawing one group against another and in the past has brought workers from Mexico and Central America as well as Asia.

He said the Thais have a lower runaway rate than the others and are more productive."
This is from a Steve Sailor piece up on Vdare today. Read it, it's important, and leave time to shower, you'll feel dirty and ashamed to be an American when your done.

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