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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An Excellent Analysis Of The President's Speech

Source: AFFBrainwash
Bush tries to shame his critics with an old standby from the 1960s: blame whitey. Bush, liberal that he is, cannot dare to recognize anyone else can be at fault other than the West (i.e., whites, America, native-born Americans, the rich, the powerful, etc.) whenever there is some conflict with the non-western or non-white other. Like the liberal psychodrama of the 1960s, blaming black crime on "society," Bush's fawning sycophancy has emboldened illegal immigrants, leading them into the streets not to ask for anything but defiantly to threaten whites and native-born Americans that we must accomodate them on their terms. Bush redefines the defense of an established, inherited way of life as an attack and then defines those that attack this way of life as innocent victims of an injustice when natives dare to say, "Who invited you?" This Orwellian inversion of viewpoints, where defending the status quo is an offensive attack, is one of the main liberal rhetorical devices and also one of its main philosophical errors.
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