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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Illegal Immigration Weekend Roundup

Some excellent articles on illegal immigration for your weekend reading pleasure!

Conor Friedersdorf of the San Bernardino Sun explains why Bush's solution amounts to bad medicine for the U.S. -- and scolds Ruben Navarrette, too boot. It's win-win!

Over at The Common Voice, Jim Kouri shares that Many Police Disenchanted with President Bush on Immigration.

Remember the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs who broke down in tears while testifying at the Senate's dog and pony show immigration hearing? Joe Guzzardi tells us that VDARE's Italian-American, Marine Readers Give Gen. Peter Pace A Piece Of Their Mind.

Dimitri Vassilaros at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review tells it like it is: U.S. is being 'totaled' by Bush. If you don't know what totalization is and/or you care if our Social Security system implodes, READ THIS! (H/T Immigration Watchdog)

Go read 'em!

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