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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Immigration Canards -- While U Wait!

Source: Nevada Appeal

Sure as shootin', every time there is even the merest whisper of enforcement of our immigration laws newspapers immediately alert us to the "CROPS ROTTING IN THE FIELD" emergency sweeping the country.

A case in point (it's almost as if there's a playbook for this stuff)...(asinine crap bolded for your reading pleasure as always)
The voices of Nevadans who have spoken out on immigration reform have largely been in favor of strict measures to stop illegals from working in the United States. Reform or not, we, too, support enforcement of existing laws on immigration.

But make no mistake about it, there will be plenty of economic pain to endure if enforcement increases.

Already, some areas of the country are experiencing those costs.

In Washington, for example, migrant farmworkers are in short supply after crackdowns at the border. As a result, strawberry and blueberry crops are rotting on the vine. Some farmers there are asking for a guest-worker program and say they are not finding any U.S. citizens to hire to take the place of the migrant workers.

Nevada isn't as reliant on migrant farmworkers, but it seems likely there are large numbers of illegals working here in other industries.

What kind of impact would this state face if authorities step up enforcement? Nobody can say for sure because any employer who hires an illegal worker would be admitting to breaking the law. But the Pew Hispanic Center estimates the number of illegal workers in Nevada to be about 170,000.

If the flow of cheap labor ends, prices for services and products they supply will increase.

Employers will have to pay more, and it will put to test the theory that spoiled employers have been keeping wages artificially low.

Will Americans really do the jobs held by foreign workers if they are paid respectable wages?

We may be on the verge of finding an answer to that question, but it may not come cheaply.
Oh, horrors Mr. Snidely, whatever shall we do without our low wage slaves? I mean, Americans won't do these jobs that they were doing just twenty years ago, right?

I mean, golly gee, I believe that no more illegal aliens will cripple the American economy.

Uh, yeah, here's the 411 folks, if your old enough to remember life pre-invasion do you recall paying a million dollars for a steak? To have your lawn cut? Construction? For a trip to Vegas?

No? Why, what's the discrepancy here? Could it be, oh I don't know?

That the individual writing this article has big business man meat shoved so far down their throat you just might think John Holmes had returned from the dead?

As I like to say around here, smell the desperation. big business knows the crack down is a comin' and they ain't none too happy. Expect to read a lot more of this kind of tripe.

As a fun car game for the kids, try to see who can find the most articles like this on any given day, there are usually several to be found.

Smell the desperation, the crops, my god the crops!

H/T Beyond Borders Blog

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