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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RNC: Still Elite Asshats!

A conservative former state lawmaker whose campaign targeted illegal immigration and border security won the G.O.P. primary for an open U.S. House seat, despite a lobbying push by the National Republican Congressional Committee to defeat him.

Randy Graf's closest rival, state Rep. Steve Huffman, got a late-campaign boost from the committee, which in a rare move broke its neutrality in a primary race by spending more than $122,000 on TV ads on Huffman's behalf. Party officials had expressed concerns that Graf might be too conservative to win the seat in November.

But that move prompted a local Republican backlash. In a joint news conference, the other G.O.P. contenders expressed their "unified outrage" at the national committee.
What were Mr. Graf's crazy loco "conservative" positions?
Graf's campaign focused on securing the Mexican border and halting illegal immigration, banking that he would attract rankled conservatives and independents.

"We stayed on the issue, kept our campaign on the up-and-up and talked about the issues we've talked about for years, and the voters appreciated that," Graf said.
That boy crazy! I don't know about you, but I could stand some more crazy just like this. Wait, what's this...
The former mayor of Yonkers, John Spencer, defeated KT McFarland in the Republican primary in New York. Yes, I showed up and voted... and I voted for Spencer. John Spencer is an immigration warrior who is in favor of a full 2000 mile border fence. He has some drawbacks, one being that he is a hypocrite when it comes to social issues. Spencer had two children with his chief of staff while being married to another woman and mayor of Yonkers. Then he has the nerve to dictate that abortion should be outlawed.

However, John Spencer's stance on immigration just far outweighs any of his social faults.
Vdare has this to say on the upcoming elections...
...But on immigration, the views of Americans in general are
more extreme than almost any member of the political class. Someone who
promises to actually defend the border will get votes from both Republicans and Democrats.

Let's end with this, remember how Latino's waved signs saying "today we march -- tomorrow we vote?" Turns out, they couldn't actually read them...
MADISON, Wis. -- Tuesday's primary is drawing fewer Latinos to the polls, according to local activists. While the immigration issue has drawn thousands of Latinos to the streets in showings of support like the rally on Labor Day, that's not translating to the ballot box -- at least for Tuesday's primary.
Um,...Ha!?  When electing a new people guys, choose one that VOTES, you elite asshats.

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