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Friday, September 29, 2006

Three Cheers for Carpentersville

Source: Chicago Tribune

In what experts said was a first for the Chicago area, two Carpentersville trustees have proposed that the village punish landlords and businesses that "aid and abet" illegal immigrants.

The ordinance, expected to be formally introduced at Tuesday's Village Board meeting, would also make English the official language of Carpentersville, a town whose population of 37,000 is almost half Hispanic.

Trustees Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt said the village has been plagued with overcrowded apartments and unpaid ambulance bills, problems they attributed to people who have entered the country illegally.

Their ordinance would deny business permits and village contracts for any employer who hired undocumented workers. It also would fine landlords $1,000 for knowingly renting property to illegal immigrants.
From a gal who lives in the sanctuary city of Chicago -- three cheers for Carpentersville.

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