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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Elvira Wins "Exceptional Communicator" Award

Source: Yahoo!

Clearly not an American award, since she can't seem to communicate -- exceptionally or otherwise -- in English.

New America Media (NAM), the country's first and largest association of ethnic media, announces its 2006 honorees for Exceptional Communicators and Ethnic Media Champions at the First National Ethnic Media Awards.

This year's Exceptional Communicators are Terry B. Jones, publisher of New Orleans Data News Weekly and immigration activist Elvira Arellano.


Elvira Arellano took the decisive step of making her undocumented status public when she ignored deportation orders and sought sanctuary in a church in Chicago, refusing to be separated from her American-born seven-year-old son. Her actions have awakened a movement to expand sanctuary and brought the issues of family reunification to the fore of the immigration rights movement.
Well, her actions -- ignoring deportation orders (issued as a result of being convicted of Social Security fraud) and seeking sanctuary in a Chicago "church" -- definitely communicate something. I'll give them that.

They communicate a total disregard for our laws. They communicate a complete lack of respect for the country she refuses to leave. They communicate a willingness to use her 7-year-old son as a political pawn.

Nothing exceptional about that in my book.

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