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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Catholic Church: Coyotes?

Source: brownsvilleherald

It appears that the Catholic Church has begun openly defying the law. Perhaps it's time for them to lose tax exempt status?
January 15, 2007 — Lourdes and Marisol Aguilar stood along the grassy banks of the Rio Grande, watching white flower petals float down the green waters of the river.

After a two-month journey, which began near the Honduras and Nicaragua border, the road-weary cousins surveyed the final obstacle, separating them from the opportunity to work even as immigration Jeeps parked on the U.S-side of the river.

The comforting arms of the Rev, Michael D. Pfeifer, a bishop from San Angelo, Texas, hooked over the shoulders of Lourdes and Marisol, who were dressed in clothes donated from the Casa Migrante.

“We want to get to the other side,” Lourdes said. “I have a cousin living in Virginia. That’s where we’re headed.”

Pfeifer assured the woman that they would reach their destination by the grace of God. His words were returned with timid smiles.

“We have faith in God,” Lourdes said. “Thanks to God we got to where we are.”
Let me rewrite this so you can understand exactly the tripe this paper is excreting here.
After an arduous two month casing of the bank the bank robbers finally pulled the job.

The comforting arms of the Rev, Michael D. Pfeifer met them outside the bank in the getaway car. After hugging the bank robbers he motioned them in and gunned the gas. The bank robbers were dressed in clothes donated by the Casa Migrante.

"We want to get away with our crime." The bank robbers said. "I have a fence living in Virginia, that's where we're headed."

Pfiefer assured the bank robbers they would get away with their crimes by the grace of god. His words were returned with timid smiles.
Speaking of irony? This goes beyond advocacy journalism into straight up supporting the commission of a crime. How nice that these J-school lunatics have now decided that no laws shall be enforced in the United States. Did J-school really prepare them to make that determination?

Methinks not!

The Catholic Church has now entered the lucrative field of illegal immigrant smuggling, they are Coyotes. Unlike a regular Coyote though, they take their cut in the pew, not in the field, it's the only difference.

These people aren't serving God, their serving Mammon, and I seem to recall Jesus saying something about men not being able to serve both.

Here's the Pope on the church's new role as Coyote's...

H/T Lonewacko

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