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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poll -- Poll, Everywhere A Poll

Source: WSJ

It appears the WSJ (who you may recall the famous phrase TSBOB) has thrown a little poll on people's attitudes toward the new Congress and their ability to pass laws. Here's the question that caught my eye...
Immigration reform to make it more difficult for immigrants to enter the U.S. and to stay in the U.S. for a prolonged length of time
What proposed bill currently on the docket are they talking about? Have I missed something, have I pulled a Rip Van Winkle and suddenly upon waking patriotic immigration reform is a reality in this session of congress?

I didn't think so. Ahem, now, the WSJ has always been known as a massive illegal immigration cheerleader. In fact to listen to them prattle on you might be forgiven for thinking that most Americans were chomping at the bit to amnesty all minty fresh illegal aliens just as quick as they can and move on to important stuff like, pork barrel spending and earwigs, excuse me, I meant earmarks of course.

Now, if you had to guess, what percentage of the electorate as sampled by the famously illegal fellating WSJ, would you think supported what certainly sounds like a "mean spirited" bill?

How about 76% How's that grab ya? 76%! 59% strongly support, while 18% somewhat support. Even if you only counted the "strongly support" it STILL gets a healthy majority. Arghhh, this isn't that bloody complicated!

Yeah, clearly the American people are just torn on this issue. Why won't a good hearted, compassionate blowhard like John McCain or Ted Kennedy just pass that amnesty the American people are so clearly calling for?

Why god, why?

H/T Kaus

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