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Monday, February 05, 2007

Did Amnesty Pass? Status...

Late last night as I was preparing for bed my email lit off with several panicked missives suggesting that Congress had passed an amnesty. I decided to wait until this morning to see what was what.

Glad I did. The amendment was introduced, but it didn't find it's way into bill HR 2.

Hoosiermama ended up talking to Mark Wills at Numbers USA this morning and he walked her through the details thus far on As I understand it Sweaty Teddy did attempt to insert amnesty into the minimum wage bill but was unsuccessful.

Status: False

That is all the detail I have at this point. Will update if any new information comes in.

I'm searching amnesty and coming across some interesting stuff...

Here's a page that went ahead and posted the original info. Their suggestion to call and fax is a good one as our government will not rest until it accomplishes this.

Here's an interesting conversion tale. What explains the instinct people have to automatically insist that to reduce illegal immigration we must jack legal immigration levels way up? Is it like the stages of grief? Or the twelve steps? Not to state the obvious, but if we cut bank robbers huge checks they'd probably stay home. (H/T Deb @ Right Truth)

This is interesting, when Adam of Adam's blog was on my short-lived and ill fated radio show he was supporting amnesty. This sentence leads me to believe perhaps he's changed his mind..."Senator McCain is also not too keen on giving our money back to us and tends to believe anyone who doesn’t support his amnesty bill for illegal immigrants is a bigot."

Will update throughout the day.

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