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Monday, February 26, 2007

Importing (virtually extinct) Crime

Source: foxnews

One crime that is making a comeback, kidnapping for profit, had been virtually extinct for some time now.
Kidnapping for ransom is almost nonexistent in the United States of America today, due in great part to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's aggressive stance toward kidnapping. The Bureau made kidnap for ransom a special priority, and continues to do so today. It pursues kidnap cases ferociously, as FBI agents who have rescued kidnap victims have been known to describe the rescue as a personal high point of a career.

The harsh sentences imposed, and the much worse risk to benefit ratio compared to other crimes, has caused kidnap for profit to virtually die out in the United States.
Unfortunately our illegal vermin have yet to get the memo...
PARRISH, Fla. — Florida police on Sunday issued a warrant for a man suspected of kidnapping a 13-year-old boy at gunpoint in an apparent ransom attempt, police said.

The man, whom authorities identified as Vicente Ignacio Beltran-Moreno, 22, is Mexican. He is wanted in connection with the Friday morning kidnapping of Clay Moore from a school bus stop in Parrish, Fla. Moore was able to escape several hours later.

"This was an absolute kidnapping for ransom," Manatee County Sheriff Charlie Wells said at a press conference Sunday morning.

"We have been able to positively conclude that this was an out-and-out kidnapping and that the person wanted money in exchange for Clay Moore."

Authorities said Beltran-Moreno is a former migrant worker at the farm where Moore was ultimately found. Police believe Beltran-Moreno, most recently employed with an aluminum contractor, has fled Florida.
While kidnapping both for profit and entertainment appears to be the in thing south of our border...
NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico - Brenda Cisneros, 23, kissed her father goodbye after dinner in Laredo, Tex., just after 11 p.m. on Sept. 17. It was her birthday, and she was headed with a friend, Yvette Martinez, for a late-night concert across the border. The two drove across the international bridge into this sprawling town, famous for dancing and drinking spots. They never returned home.

Jerry Contreras, 17, left San Antonio one day last May and drove across the border into Piedras Negras to attend a baby shower. There, witnesses said, he became involved in a minor accident with a gold SUV, whose enraged driver rammed Contreras's Ford Escort, followed him to the party and threatened him. Contreras ran and hid in a grocery store, but several armed men dragged him out. He has not been seen since.

Cisneros, Martinez and Contreras are now listed among the dramatically increased number of U.S. citizens who have recently been reported missing or kidnapped along the border, especially around Nuevo Laredo. Last month, U.S. consular officials here issued a warning to the thousands of Americans who cross the bridge each week, including Mexican Americans visiting relatives or shopping and tourists on short sightseeing trips.

"U.S. citizens are urged to be especially aware of safety and security concerns when traveling through or visiting in Nuevo Laredo," it said. The message said 21 U.S. citizens had been kidnapped or had disappeared between August and December, with nine later released, two found dead and 10 still missing. It also mentioned the "alarming rate" of kidnappings that has continued for some time across Mexico, including "express" abductions for quick-cash ransoms.
Our good friend and neighbor?
MEXICO CITY AND CUERNAVACA – When Héctor Pineda Velázquez was kidnapped from his ranch in Guerrero state and held by masked captors for more than a month, his family didn't notify the press or ask authorities to help secure his release. They paid an undisclosed ransom.

That may seem strange, considering Mr. Pineda is a federal congressman.

"Everything was arranged by my family, in particular, my son," a disheveled and distraught Pineda told reporters outside his home in Coyuca de Catalán on Sept. 6, the day he was released.

After the string of highly publicized child-abduction cases this summer, Americans might find it hard to imagine that a kidnapped high-level Mexican official barely makes the news here – and receives no official help.

But in Mexico, a kidnapping occurs every six hours on average. Mexico is now second only to war-torn Colombia in the number of annual kidnappings. While few victims are killed, few perpetrators in this thriving multimillion-dollar industry are ever caught.

"In the US, the great majority of the kidnapping cases are solved," says Walter Farrer, the Mexico operations chief at the security firm Pinkerton and Burns International. "Here, it's a business, and as awful as it sounds, it is treated as a transaction."

And business is up. The Mexican business association, Coparmex, which tracks kidnapping, lists 331 reported cases so far this year, compared to 221 in all of 2001. The actual figure, however, is estimated to be three or four times higher. According to various studies, fewer than a third of families here ever report a kidnapping, apparently out of fear that Mexico's corrupt and inefficient police are either involved in the crime or will botch any rescue effort.
It is past time to stop playing pattycake with this Narco-"country." It is time to slam the border shut and let them either fix the problem or devolve into the true narco state they appear to wish to become.

Here's the problem in a nutshell...
One U.S. official said that while some of the missing appear to have been innocent victims, more were probably involved with drug traffickers. In either case, "no one deserves to be kidnapped, tortured or killed," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the international sensitivity of the issue. "We're seeing outright lawlessness in Nuevo Laredo. Things are just getting out of hand."
Know what? I'm sick to death of displaying "international sensitivity" to the Internationally insensitive.

Sometimes you have to give the very thing you want to receive it back. Mexico delights in spitting in Americas eye, I don't suggest America spit on Mexico, why would we? I don't care about Mexico one way or the other except as I would care about a boil on my ass. And in that instance you lance it, disinfect it, cover it to keep it from spreading infection and move on.

It really is past time for us to lance the boil on our ass that is Mexico and the spreading corruption of Mexican citizens squatting unlawfully on American soil. Ship'em home and let them sort out the rathole they themselves have allowed and created. We need Mexicans fixing America like we need, well, Mexico. Unless you consider Mexico to be some sort of political and economic success story? Why then would these folks who have so poorly managed their own land suddenly become so capable here?

For those among us who want good things for Mexico, can you not see that every move we make simply reinforces status quo ante? Are you really incapable of seeing that the very things you so rail against are being upheld through American dollars?

Believe it or not my animus against Mexico is actions based, since, unlike my many detractors I have lived on the border and traveled into Mexico. What's interesting to me about a guy like Hannitized is that he is so willing to identify with anyone not American, not me, I am an American, and with my most insincere apology, everyone else on the planet is in line behind my countrymen.

My countrymen, that means something to me. Another singular division between myself and an individual such as Hannitized is that to me one such incident like this is an outrage and should not be downplayed. To the contrary, in my estimation it should be shouted from the rooftops that individuals from foreign countries are coming to this one solely to commit crimes.

Hannitized will drop hot steaming comments beneath this post linking to crimes Americans have committed. I have no disagreement with him over that fact, of course Americans commit crimes, but here is the point of departure between us. An American has the right to commit crimes in this country, as goofy as that sounds. We have absolutely no way of stopping Americans from committing crimes other than the preventive measures we can take beforehand.

Whereas it is the simplest thing in the world to stop an illegal alien from committing crimes, truly a no brainer. How? Don't let them enter the country in the first place. If they're not here they cannot commit crimes. And yes, for whatever reason certain other countries citizens commit more crimes than folks here do. Perhaps it's lack of money, perhaps it's lack of opportunity, perhaps it has to do with culture. I really don't know nor do I care, here's what I care about, protecting my fellow citizens.

And again, this is a place I feel that I diverge from an individual such as Hannitized. The people of this country come first to me, now I'm bracing myself for the ultimate Liberal riposte...Racist! they will cry, but it's not true, there is precisely nothing racist about preferring your own people, in this case those people are Americans. I am most assuredly NOT a citizen of the world, nor do I wish to be. While I genuinely wish the majority of the people on this planet well, when you come to the place where the cheese binds? I am capable, I am adult enough to understand that we have enemies.

Whereas in true liberal fashion Hannitized takes a firm stand for a people not his own. I wonder how that will work out for him should we find ourselves in a desperate situation? Does he think those who see things solely through the lens of race will magically account him as some sort of 'honorary' something and spare him because he is so delightfully sensitive?

I had an odd dream the other night and believe it or not it featured Hannitized. In the dream I was watching a crappy quality video, Hannitized knelt on the floor and four or five men stood around him menacingly. In the dream he was explaining frantically that the men around him were good Americans, they had served in the military he said, they were just like us is what he was saying as they began to cut his head off.

It's an interesting thing when you write, you never quite know how people will take the words you put on paper or the ones you send tumbling into the ether of the internet. If you didn't know I have done some published writing and it's always fascinated me to talk to people who have read my work because the things they walked away with were usually not at all what I intended.

If I had to define the core notion of this blog I would say that it reflects my belief that America is at a place of choosing. And that this place of choosing will define who we are as a country well past our lifetimes and most likely the lifetimes of our children. I listen to our enemies very carefully, I pay attention to the things they say and I have no problem believing them.

Whereas an individual like Hannitized asks us to discount the very words of our self described enemies. So that when I attend an event and see something with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears he would ask me, in the spirit of diversity of course, that I disbelieve my own senses, disbelieve the very same instincts that have saved my life in the past. And why?

We had a friend over to dinner recently, an ardent leftist, or so she says and we were discussing the sort of people who are our opposition at immigration rallies. Like most people she had a bit of a hard time believing that they were communists and socialists, completely understandable as the media refuses to divulge that pesky detail, until I showed her pictures from the events. A bit later we returned to that subject and I made a point that I think is germane to this essay, with an individual like Hannitized you are no longer arguing policy, you are now arguing survival.

He doesn't want America improved, he wants it humbled, reduced, made less. And this is a place I will never go. As I told KD earlier, I deeply appreciate Hannitized doing what he does in the comments section, he is making the case of this blog much better than I ever could. I can only describe the damage a committed leftist can cause, he displays it in his cold, savage fury toward this nation and her people.

So thank you Hannitized, thank you for showing us in no uncertain terms how dangerous people like yourselves truly are, thank you for wearing your hatred of this country on your sleeve for all to see. Believe it or not it's appreciated.

For like so many things in this life you think you are doing one thing, yet in reality you are doing another. You are showing the readers of this blog why the left cannot ever be trusted, why the left cannot ever find their hands on the levers of power for their every thought is directed toward the destruction of this great nation.

Every thing that I am proud of you despise, every accomplishment of my forefathers embarrasses you, yet you see yourself as being a bulwark for this culture, this nation?

How? You hate this country. You cannot contain your loathing, it subsumes you, you cannot hide it.

Every statement I, or a commenter makes in defense of our people you scorn, though you have no actual policy prescriptions, no, your approach is to call names and attempt to silence your opponent without ever making an actual argument.

I have watched you in comments Hannitized, never fear, and I have watched you goad and pillory the good readers of this blog into calling you names, to which you respond with astonishment every time though you yourself make it happen.


Because you loathe those who love this country. Really you do. Ultimately, Hannitized is the sort of person who would approach a man to tell him his wife is ugly, his children are ugly. When it is he who is ugly inside. The people who read this blog love this country Hannitized, and though it will eat you up inside to know this you do not possess the words to change that. Do you know why?

Because they will never trust you enough to take your words into their hearts.

Well, that and the fact that they are quite a bit smarter and wiser than you are, but let's not confuse the issue.

Please I beg you, continue your Quixotic quest in comments, this blog prospers because of you. I'm not ashamed to say it. You are good for this blog as an object lesson, so please dispense your many learnings Hannitized, we will listen, and we will judge.

As an addendum I just want to note for the readers of this blog how amazed I am at how well you've dealt with Hannitized in comments. I am often overwhelmed by how smart the readers of this blog are, and this is merely another example of that. I am humbled that you spend time here on this moron blog.

Well, except for you Porn Star, squeeze his head like a zit? Heh!

KD has something similar here.

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