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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shocker! Criminal Business Enterprises Band Together To Support Further Criminal Activity!

...During a daylong conference in Clearwater [hosted by Florida TaxWatch, "FTW"], more than 50 [Florida] business leaders agreed on the need for a louder and more unified Florida business voice to pressure politicians in Washington. The need for workers and fear of Homeland Security crackdowns were top issues Thursday....
Now if this person were actually still a reporter rather than an illegal immigration cheerleader what would they do in this situation?

A.) Complain bitterly about the lack of quality alcoholic beverages at the conference?

B.) Offer to buff the scrotum of all attendees who currently earn more than sixty kajillion dollars a year? (possibly redundant)

C.) Learn how many of the businesses present at this event currently profit from illegal immigration?

My heart says B but my head says C. Gosh, I wonder how many of these cheery souls who currently profit from illegal immigration have banded together that they may continue to, well, profit from illegal activity.

Are there any actual reporters left or are they all too busy polishing the scrotes of rich powerful "business leaders?"

Ah J-school, the only degree that prepares one to properly, and I think we can all agree that technique is key, polish the scrote. Is there anything a J-school candidate can't do? Other than report the news of course, I think we all just assumed that.

H/T Lonewacko

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