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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"That Will Work?"

Source: WSJ (subscription required)

One of the big lies of the cheap labor/open borders lobby is that it is virtually impossible to know when your hiring an illegal alien. Having hired illegal aliens I can assure you this is patent nonsense for no other reason than the thing that is illuminated in this article...(look for the clues, there will be a test at the end)
"Early in April of 2005, a man whose friends knew him as César went looking for a job at a wholesale distribution hub near this upstate village. At a workshop run by IFCO Systems North America Inc., the nation's biggest recycler of wooden pallets, César let the boss know that he was in the country illegally, but would be trying to buy some fake 'papers.' 'That will work,' said Robert Belvin, the 42-year old IFCO site manager. What Mr. Belvin didn't know was that César was an undercover informant working for federal immigration enforcers," the Wall Street Journal writes.
If you guessed: He should have known when the prospective candidate TOLD HIM! You win a three dollar Tickle Me Elmo doll courtesy of the Red Chinese Army.

Have a nice day and thank you for playing "lies, liars and open borders supporters, but I repeat myself!"

Locate the mystery illegal in this photo and we'll up the prize to a brand new H1-B Indian coder, courtesy of Bill Gates! Thanks Bill!

H/T Dan Stein

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