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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Creative Journalism 101

Source: Wapo

The material for today's studies come from noted illegal alien fellator Lisa Rein in this a piece about in state tuition for illegal immigrants in Maryland.

Let's contrast and compare her "creative" descriptions, shall we?

Del. Patrick L. McDonough (R-Baltimore County) told his colleagues, "We are aiding and abetting people who are in this state illegally." His voice rose in anger. "Welcome to Maryland. We are a sanctuary state. We will provide services to you. We will break the rule of law."
The comments infuriated many Democrats, who rose to speak for the bill. The most eloquent was Del. Melvin L. Stukes (D-Baltimore), who spoke with the fervor of a preacher. He compared opposition to undocumented students with the 1700s view of slaves as less than human.
As anyone who has attended an institution of higher drinking can tell you this is not 'reporting.' What'cha got here is a rather severe case of fiction masquerading as journalism. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, in a novel.

It's almost as if, and I tremble even suggesting this about a member of the secular clergy, it's almost as if Mizz Reins has an opinion on the subject.

Considering that there really is no principled argument to be had for allowing illegal aliens in state tuition I suppose this is the best Mizz Reins could do...
"Do I need anyone to remind me of the mind-set that existed then and still exists today, that some people were considered three-fifths of a human being?" Stukes asked, his voice rising. "Are we still saying that some people are less than whole? I don't think so."
As Stephen King said in Christine "You can't polish a turd," and whooeeie! That's a bowl splasher if I ever saw one! Let's follow the esteemed, not to mention mildly retarded, representative's rather specious logic, shall we?

If I'm not mistaken it appears he is suggesting that illegal aliens, if they are not granted an abundance, nay, a largesse of taxpayer goodies will somehow be considered less than human. This is indeed puzzling and as a non-physician I'm certainly left wondering about the good representatives medical situation. Has he had a stroke? Is he simply stupid? Or is it the obvious, that those who support illegal immigration automatically shave off twenty to thirty IQ points every time they attempt to defend the indefensible?

I hope as always that these lessons assist you in your fiction writing endeavors.

H/T newsbusters via Malkin

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