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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Source: The Tennessean
Legislation that would have required driver’s license tests to be given only in English and allowed state troopers to begin enforcing immigration laws were killed Tuesday in a House subcommittee.

House Transportation Chairman Phillip Pinion urged members of the Public Safety and Rural Roads Subcommittee to vote against the license testing measure.

Let’s get rid of our redneck image and go back to saying we want people to come here,” said Pinion, D-Union City.

Rep. Tom DuBois, R-Columbia, who sponsored the bill, said he is concerned that non-English speakers won’t know how to read traffic signs that are only in English.

The measure failed on a 6-6 vote, with House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh casting the deciding vote against the bill.

“I think it was a bad bill and I’m glad we held it in committee,” said Naifeh, D-Covington. “Anytime I get the opportunity I’ll vote ‘no’ on it.”

Gov. Phil Bredesen had said he would have considered vetoing the English-only bill if it had passed the Legislature.
So enforcement of any stripe is "redneck?"

I suppose the only things we could that aren't "redneck" in these open borders lunatics eyes would be to, well, open the border and provide Double Jeopardy Round Welfare to every crispy delicious illegal alien who desires to steal the American dream.

What tickles me about these hustlers is that they are always going on about all the things we need to do so that immigration "will work," until you actually suggest, well, any concrete solution which is of course immediately decried as what?


Did I mention my belief that we will need to hang a couple of these sunzabitches?

H/T Toni @ BCL

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