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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Well This Is Nice!

And for a blessed change I don't mean that sarcastically! The English Man @ An Englishman's Castle has a list of 50 Reasons To Love America from the British point of view. You'll have to click over to read it but I will filch my favorite to whet your appetite...
23) Porn Stars who shave their armpits

Read it!

As Vanishing American sez: I'd like to see America draw closer to our cousins across the Pond; we are all in the same boat, and I wish them well in our common struggle. I don't take part in the Europe-bashing or UK-bashing that some in our country are too quick to engage in.

Agreed and agreed, I fear for our European cousins, it appears they are, too much like ourselves, handing away what their ancestors fought so hard to create.

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