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Monday, March 05, 2007

Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work!

Supporters feed, clothe immigrant day laborers

BERGENFIELD -- The aroma of the meat-filled turnovers, known in Spanish as empanadas, filled a narrow side street Saturday, as more than 100 immigrant laborers who gather here daily were treated to breakfast.

Laborers also availed themselves of doughnuts, bread, milk, juice and bottled water. And most of them picked up brochures that offered information in Spanish on everything from work-related accidents to recognizing the signs of heat exhaustion and hydrogen sulfide leaks.

The food and information were courtesy of a group of immigration advocates from various towns of Bergen County. The advocates said they hosted the breakfast to show support to the laborers and offer encouragement at a time when the federal government is cracking down on illegal immigrants and political tensions are rising.

The Bergen County Community Action Program, which is increasing its involvement with day laborers, coordinated the event.
And who's largesse are the "Bergen County Community Action Program" socialists distributing?

Why, yours of course!

Lonewacko reports..."According to their page (, the BCCAP "is Bergen County's designated anti-poverty agency" and they "draw upon multiple funding and support streams from federal, state and local governments, and the corporate and philanthropic sectors".

How generous of them!

Of course, being good little socialists they don't stop there...
Spiegel was among about a dozen North Jersey residents who mingled with the laborers, asking about their lives in North Jersey and the lives they left behind. Together, they looked over the brochures and spoke about the services that the county offered them despite the illegal status of nearly all of them.
Cue the ominous villain music...
Every Saturday, after all, they are also reminded that many Americans object to their presence. Nearly all of them crossed into the United States illegally or came on a visa and overstayed it. Church groups occasionally bring the coffee and breakfast breads, but every Saturday members of United Patriots of America stand yards away, holding up placards that denounce illegal immigration.
"We feel so alone, so alienated, usually," said a 21-year-old laborer from Mexico who said he lives in Bergenfield. He asked to not to be identified for fear of deportation.
How dare those evil Americans object to the presence of the "bestest people in the whole world?"

The shame? This isn't even good propaganda, and one presumes this 'journalist' attended an institution of higher drinking, yes?

The narrative as I understand it thus far...

Good, decent socialists hand out goodies to the bestest peeps in the whole wide world!

Evil, nasty Mr. Meanie pants Americans abject to the presence of the bestest peeps in the whole world.

Why can't we kill all the Americans so we can have more Peruvian restaurants and cute gardeners to boff?

I'm off to Starbucks!

Now let's tell this tale sans the crack pipe...

Retarded socialists use your forcibly reallocated monies to lavish things on illegal aliens and teach them how to game the welfare system of a country in which their presence is by definition illegal.

Average Americans object, yet are cast as the villains of the piece by a mouth breathing reporter who most likely would need a boost up to be considered the village idiot.

Any questions?

Illegal invader sez: I'm peeing down your neck, does it feel like rainwater?

H/T Lonewacko

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