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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just A Little More On That Thing That Most Definitely Isn't Happening!

Source: Vive le Canada
For those who are unaware (which is no big surprise due to the media’s reluctance to cover the topic), the so called Security and Prosperity Plan of North America (SPP) was launched in March of 2005 by the leaders of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico in an effort to “increase security” and “enhance Prosperity” between the three nations through “greater cooperation and information sharing”. More loosely known as the North American Union or NAFTA’s big brother, the SPP has enjoyed relative anonymity in the media as it seeks to integrate the governmental, economic, and defense policies among others of the three North American countries.

Getting back to the North American Forum meeting in Banff, notes from the meeting make the statement that there is “significant interest” in climate change, a fact which can be leveraged to impose a carbon tax. This document goes on to state that the infrastructure of the North American Union should be implemented in secret, essentially “Evolution by Stealth”. Wait a minute, this is supposed to be government by, of, and for the people, there was never any mention of stealth.

So in summary, we have the Washington Post publicly pushing for a carbon tax on behalf of the Trilateral Commission, and we have the SPP operating in relative obscurity thanks in no small part to the media’s willingness to look the other way, privately pushing for a carbon tax to help fund the infrastructure of the forthcoming North American Union. Moreover, we suddenly have the unprecedented consensus between the media and all political parties, spearheaded by a former government official, regarding the threat of global warming, an issue that has only been ignored, obfuscated, and ostracized by politicians and the media in the past. Based on all of this, one can’t help but ask the question; is the sudden Global Warming hysteria fueled by politicians and the media really an effort by the corporate elite to impose a carbon tax to fund the North American Union?

Should we be concerned about the fact that the North American Union is being implemented in secret, without consulting congress or the taxpayer? Should we be concerned about our own sovereignty? Is this plan and the shady implementation of it even legal? Lets look a little further into the implications of such an agreement. The Banff North American Forum documents state on more than one occasion of the need to narrow the gap between the average Mexican income and its northern neighbours and that this might be the single most important issue on the North American Agenda. The question is how will they do it? And how much will the average Canadian and American incomes suffer?

One of the methods for achieving parity of North American income levels, according to the documents, involved yearly cash infusions of 10 billion dollars compliments of North American taxpayers for a ten year period in order to set up a North American Investment Fund to be doled out as grants for setting up infrastructure and communications services into Mexico. While this scenario may sound all warm and fuzzy to the contractors who will probably be awarded no-bid contracts to do the work, I have a problem with making a ten year investment designed solely to lower my income levels to be more compatible with my Mexican counterparts. Furthermore, the Banff documents recommend that this fund be managed by the World Bank. The World Bank? Just who exactly will be managing my money and in extension, the implementation of the North American Union?
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