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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quote Of The Day

Right-liberalism treats the enjoyment of natural rights as something that must be earned. Left-liberalism treats the enjoyment of natural rights as an entitlement, as something that the "government" (in this instance the U.S. in its role of government to the world) must give to everyone in the world, as though it were a welfare state.

It is easy to see how right-liberalism can mutate into left-liberalism. You just leave in place the idea of universal rights, while dropping the objective truth that the rights are based on, along with the corollary that men must believe in that truth for others in order to enjoy natural rights for themselves. Under left-liberalism, there is no truth higher than the individual. There is simply the absolute right of each individual to have his rights protected and to be treated without discrimination.
Lawrence Auster