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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Heartening, Yet Disheartening

Just read the latest poll figures on the war here.

Some 57 percent of those surveyed said the U.S. military should stay until Iraq is stabilized, while 36 percent favor an immediate troop withdrawal. A year ago, 71 percent of respondents favored keeping troops in Iraq until it was stabilized.
I'm extremely glad, of course, to read that a majority of those polled realize that we need to stay in Iraq until they are ready to go it on their own. Especially with Democrats like Louise Slaughter claiming that Murtha -- a.k.a. Mr. Cut and Run -- "spoke for the majority of our country" (read previous post here).

What concerns me, however, is the drop from 71% last year to only 57% now. Are the strident, I'll-Say-Anything-to-Undermine-Bush liberals, combined with the We're-So-Unbiased-it-Hurts (Bush) MSM, finding success in their efforts to convince the American people that right is wrong, and weakness and defeatism in the name of partisan politics is a good thing?

Say it isn't so.

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