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Monday, January 30, 2006

Ahhh, The Smell Of Fear

This just in: ICIRR (Illinois Coalition For Immigrant and Refugee Rights) may require a clean pair of briefs...

TAKE ACTION: Turning Workers into Criminals

Republican Speaker Hastert fast-tracks anti-immigrant bill;
Democrat Leader Emanuel delivers key Democrat votes

Do we want an America where

…busboys and gardeners are sent to jail as felons?
…a priest is a felon for taking a sick undocumented immigrant to the hospital?
…a teacher can go to jail for taking an undocumented student on a field trip?
…immigrants will stop reporting crimes or serving as witnesses for fear that
local police will deport them?
I realize y'all would rather eat your guts with a zesty relish before that dreaded word, ILLEGAL, was alowed to cross your lying lips, but since that's exactly what we're talking about here, the answer to your loaded questions is a resounding...YES!

That is precisely what the Hastert/Sensenbrenner “border security” bill would do!

This past Friday evening the US House of Representatives approved HR 4437, the bill proposed by US Rep. James Sensenbrenner. The House Republican leadership, led by House Speaker Dennis Hastert (from the western Chicago suburbs) pushed this bill through on a fast track; the vote took place ten days after Sensenbrenner introduced the bill.

This bill is loaded with punitive, mean-spirited provisions that will harm not only millions of immigrants but also many people who work with immigrants on a daily basis. Among the lowlights:

- The bill would turn millions of hardworking immigrants into criminals by making unlawful presence in the US (previously a non-criminal matter) a felony.

- It would make anyone who provides any aid to an undocumented immigrant a felon (including relatives, lawyers, teachers, clergy members, and social service workers).

- It would authorize local police to enforce immigration laws.

It would force employers to verify Social Security numbers, including those of current employees, in effect forcing millions of immigrant workers out of work.

- It would spend $2 billion on a nearly 800-mile long fence along the Arizona and California border.

- It would broaden many grounds for deportation and increase penalties for many immigration-related offenses; and

- abolish the Diversity Visa program, a major immigration program enables thousands of immigrants who lack a family or employer sponsor to lawfully come to the US.
Excellent! Outstanding! Bravissimo! More please! After the decades in which Americans have been ignored on this issue the door's gonna swing shut pretty hard boys, watch your fingers.

The House leadership did not allow a vote on the Secure America (McCain-Kennedy-Gutierrez) comprehensive immigration reform bill, which was submitted as an amendment. The final bill contains no provisions for enabling immigrants to gain legal status or even temporary work visas, and comes nowhere near the comprehensive reform that our immigration system needs.
Good, until the door is all the way shut, we will not even entertain any talk of increased anything. Shut the door for about five years, then we can talk.

The bill passed by a vote of 239-182. Seventeen Republicans voted against the bill. Thirty-six Democrats voted for it, providing the margin of victory.

Among the Illinois delegation, three Democrats (Bean, Costello, and Lipinski) voted for the bill; all others Democrats (Rush, Jackson, Gutierrez, Emanuel, Davis, Schakowsky, and Evans) voted against. All of the Republicans in the delegation voted for the bill except Hyde and Lahood, who did not vote.

In particular, Rep. Melissa Bean, who represents the northwest Chicago suburbs, not only voted for the final bill and in favor of the border fence, but also submitted an amendment to order a federal study on the impact of undocumented immigrants on public schools and property taxes. That amendment was not brought to a vote and not included in the final bill.
Oh no! We can't have that, can we ICIRR? If somebody actually studied that you couldn't run around and tell us how wonderful illegal immigration is. Also, let's remember that ICIRR and other similar groups rake in millions from far left, open borders organizations like the Ford Foundation, along with sweetheart deals with the city of Chicago to teach "immigrants" how to game the system. It's not altruism, follow the money trail.

Also, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat who represents 123,000 immigrants in Chicago’s northwest side and the western suburbs in Cook County, reportedly pressured several Democrats to vote yes on the bill. Rep. Emanuel is chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which coordinates funding for Democrats running for House seats. He seemed more concerned about winning elections than about the lives of his constituents.

The bill is not yet law; it must still be approved by the Senate and the President to become law. The Senate may consider the bill as early as February.

Yes indeed, and here's how you can...

Minuteman Project

Chicago Minuteman Project


These are merely a handful of organizations combatting illegal immigration. Almost every state has a chapter of the Minutemen or another likeminded group.

It's your country folks, if you'll fight for her!

**This was a production of; The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate please go to The Uncooperative Blogger or Freedom Folks and email us. We will add you to the blogroll, and send you the rest of the info you will need.

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