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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

All Are Welcome In The Democrat Party...


Down With Tyranny blog brings us this delightful tirade from Rickie Lee Jones against Joe Lieberman...(emphasis mine)

Lieberman was the first indication that there were actually Republicans in the Democratic Party. Forgive my naivety, but before the series of betrayals by Lieberman against important progressive legislation... I thought people with his sensibilities, voting for the war, for the Patriot Act, and voting against Medicare benefits for a very severely taxed generation of elderly ill, and against the few ideological stands the so-called left has been willing to brush up against since Bush took office... here were registered Republicans. Herr Lieberman helped me realize there is not much of a fine line left between the middle of the right and the edge of the left. We have moved so far over that even middle America stands perched on one foot, with it's one strand of hair tossed across its frowning face, trying to straighten the coffee in a cup that will forever be leaning far too right to ever feel balanced again.
What is it with Democrats and the Nazi allusions? Especially nice against someone who's Jewish. While there is nothing wrong with disagreement in a party, lord knows there are plenty of Rhino's who aren't my favorite people, I don't recall ever referring to them as Nazi's.

As you folks on the left fall all over yourselves congratulating Mz. Jones, I say for shame. You claim to be the party of tolerance, seems that tolerance exists only for those who toe your party line. You certainly have shown me what your tolerance consists of, and it's a mighty thin gruel.

While you all continue to get your ass handed to you in elections just keep reminding yourselves that no matter how horrible and objectionable your personal actions may be, all is excused because you're always right!




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