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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Deltona, FL Censors "Religious" Paintings

Florida city has barred three paintings from a city hall display celebrating Black History Month because they contain small references to the Christian faith.

Officials at the city of Deltona, Fla., say hanging the colorful photos by artist Lloyd Marcus would be tantamount to the town favoring a specific religion.
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"3 a.m."

"The Christmas Basket"

Marcus' paintings were to be part of an employee-organized display in the lobby of Deltona City Hall, but acting city manager Roland Blossom nixed the art, reported the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

I saw the word 'Jesus' and the Holy Bible just sort of thrown in the painting," Blossom told the paper, saying because the display is in a public building, observers might "think this government is advocating in favor of one religion over another."
Just sort of thrown in the painting? These are story-teller paintings. The bible and church sign -- along with the clock and the family groupings, for that matter -- are the equivalent of adjectives and adverbs, were this story to be expressed in writing.

By displaying this artwork, the city would be neither condoning nor encouraging Christianity over any other religion. It would be condoning and encouraging the free, artistic expression of the artist's story.

Blossom, who is black, acknowledge the church is a big part of black history, but that fact wasn't enough to change his mind.

"Like any other race, black people are tied in with a lot of things," he said. "I don't think that gives us the right, because it's Black History Month, to infringe upon the rights of other people."

When will you quivering, fearful, politically correct sheeple take your heads out of your asses long enough to realize that displaying art that contains a reference to Christianity does not infringe upon the rights of other people?

By displaying this artwork, Deltona would not be inhibiting anyone from practicing their own religion. They would not be creating a climate that discouraged anyone from practicing their own religion. They would be sharing a piece of art with the community that tells a story in which one of the characters keeps a bible on his nightstand.

Big. Freakin'. Deal.

I'll tell you what. Come back a-whinin' when Deltona uses taxpayer money to pay a preacher to stand on government property and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then you can be offended. Then you'll have every right to complain. Then we can talk.

Until that time, I suggest a double dose of STFU.

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