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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Two charged in country club smuggling case

From: The Brownsville Herald

February 4, 2006 — Federal officials charged two men with human smuggling while authorities continue to investigate alleged illegal activities at two Brownsville homes.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents found 26 undocumented Central American immigrants Thursday after searching a suspected “safehouse” at the 400 block of San Marcelo Boulevard.

Jail records show that they arrested Mario Fierro and Robinzon Sauzo Hernandez following a Thursday afternoon search of the Brownsville Country Club home.

The two men appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Felix Recio during a Friday afternoon hearing where they were each charged with transporting undocumented immigrants and harboring undocumented immigrants.

If convicted, the two men face up to 10 years in prison for each of the two counts.

Although Fierro and Suazo’s ages were not available at press time, federal officials revealed in open court that they were also undocumented immigrants.

Court records show that two El Salvadoran Immigrants, Ronald Wilfredo Piñeda-Pleitz and Juan Alexander Fuentes Romero, are being held as material witnesses in the case.

Federal officials said the other 24 undocumented immigrants, six of whom are women, were not mistreated. They were medically cleared and will be deported through their expedited removal program.

U.S. Immigrations & Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Nina Pruneda said the search of the Brownsville Country Club home led investigators to a second nearby home where authorities seized four cars, $13,000 in cash and one pistol.

Pruneda said Fierro and Suazo are the only ones facing charges at the moment but added that her agency is continuing to investigate any illegal activities at the two homes.

“One of our priorities is to go after human smugglers and dismantle their organizations because they pose a threat to the community and the United States,” Pruneda said. “We do not know who these people they bring across are. The concern is the identity of these individuals, their criminal history or other potential dangers.”
This article leaves me with many more questions than it answers.

Who owned these two homes?

These illegal aliens?

Is this what we can expect as illegals start receiving home loans?

While I'm appreciative that the government broke up this particular ring, I know that the CIA estimates up to 50,000 people are exported into this country to be used as slaves.


Perhaps that's o'tay by you, not me, not by a long shot. So remember, when people talk about us being racists and all manner of nastiness for wanting to put a stop to illegal immigration, one of the first casualties of improved enforcement will be a radical reduction in human smuggling and slavery.

Slavery, in the F'in United States!

I feel dirty every single time I even think about it!

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