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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Please Tell Me It's A Joke...

Farmworkers File Miami Suit Over FEMA Aid

Suit Claims FEMA denied them because of Immigration Status
(CBS4/AP) MIAMI A group of Florida farmworkers is suing the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Federal Court over hurricane disaster aid. The lawsuit has been filed at the federal District Court in Miami.

The coalition is challenging the government's refusal to help undocumented farmworkers affected by hurricanes with housing and other assistance, because of their immigration status.

The lawsuit says many farmworkers who were unable to receive help were forced to live in cars and other dangerous situations, while trailers intended for emergency housing were not used.

Most FEMA aid requires that recipients be legal residents of the United States, and all aid requires applicants to provide information undocumented immigrants might find difficult to provide, such as a valid social security number and tax information.

A spokeswoman for FEMA says she can't comment on litigation.
This is when I invoke Jake's Ham Sammich rule. If you're in the country illegally you are entitled to a well prepared, and frankly delicious Ham Sammich followed by a helpful boot in the ass to assist you in exiting the country. As always, a fizzy soda of your choice IS optional.

The Ham Sammich rule. Know it, learn it, live it.

H/T The Minuteman Blog

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate please go to The Uncooperative Blogger or Freedom Folks and email us. We will add you to the blogroll, and send you the rest of the info you will need.

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