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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

MJ's Take on the NR(estaurant)A

Local activists have urged undocumented workers throughout the region, particularly Mexicans who staff the city's restaurants, to strike on Tuesday, one of the biggest dining days of the year.
Read it all here. Read Jake's take here. This one was just too good to pass up sharing a few thoughts of my own...

Valentine's Day is the second-most-popular day of the year for dining out, according to the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association. A number of restaurateurs in Center City, who asked not to be identified because they employ illegal immigrants, said they would be crippled by a strike.
The very fact that you jackasses had to ask not to be identified because you employ ILLEGAL aliens says it all, but I'll spell it out for you anyway. DON'T HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS! It's ILLEGAL!

"It would be a terrible hardship for us," the owner of a Fitler Square bistro said. "I don't know how we would be able to function."

The restaurateur said that a "Dear Employer" form letter, prepared by organizers to help workers explain their absence on Feb. 14, was faxed to him this week. It asked for his support in defeating the Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act drafted by Reps. James Sensenbrenner (R., Wis.) and Peter King (R., N.Y.) and passed by the House of Representatives in December. The Senate is to discuss immigration next month.
This is blackmail! But I have a simple solution for all you restaurant owners out there: DON'T HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS. It's ILLEGAL!

Undocumented workers are so essential to the food industry nationwide that the National Restaurant Association has made stopping the Sensenbrenner-King bill its top priority in Congress this year.
Of course it has! Let's take a stroll down Logic Lane, shall we? We've got millions upon millions of people living and working in this country ILLEGALLY. That means there are a shitload of people working ILLEGALLY in the hospitality industry. The NRA is going to fight any legislation that battles amnesty/a guest worker program. Why? Because as soon as the "undocumented worker" get "legalized" -- BAM -- the NRA has potentially millions more people paying union dues.

The American worker is already being screwed in this situation, by the millions of ILLEGALS who not only take jobs, but also drive down wages. This doesn't make jobs that "Americans won't do," it makes jobs that Americans can't do and maintain a decent standard of living.

But, as I read this article, it's the restaurant owners that need to wake up and smell the coffee. They whine about how they can't make any money without their ILLEGAL bitches, how they don't know what they'd do without their ILLEGAL bitches, and how their ILLEGAL bitches just came here to work hard. What, exactly, do you guys think is going to happen if you cave into the demands of your own ILLEGAL bitches and their supporters? Do you really think that once your ILLEGAL bitches "get their papers" they are going to keep working for minimum wage, no benefits, and with no rights?

Hell, no! The NRA is going to be knocking at your door, representing your ILLEGAL bitches, demanding that you pay them the wages and give them the benefits that you used to give legal employees, before you got hooked on cheap, disposable labor.

"It's not like they broke into the bank to rob it," said Gay. "They broke into the bank to sweep the floor."
Actually, they broke into the bank to take the janitor's job ILLEGALLY for a wage that the janitor couldn't afford. And who gives a rat's ass anyway? Anything in that sentence that comes after "they broke into the bank" is moot. THEY BROKE INTO THE BANK, YOU MORON!



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