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Friday, March 03, 2006

Hang'em High!!

Every so often an elite asshat manages to utter a statement so far removed from reality I almost have to pinch myself in disbelief. When this happens we have a phrase we like to employ around here.


This week's race pandering whore is Sen. Lindsey Graham R-SC.

Shhh, let's listen in...

Source: The Washington Times

Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican and a supporter of the McCain-Kennedy bill, said those calling for illegal aliens to go home need to grow up. "America needs to mature on this issue, and they need to understand we've got a lot of people here for the right reason," he said.
Mr. Graham said illegal aliens contribute to the economy and take difficult jobs such as landscaping, and he noted that as a golfer he probably benefits from their labor.


Oh my freaking god, you must be kidding me! Would somebody drag this elite piece of crap out behind the capitol and beat the ever loving elitist crap out of him, please, pretty please?

Do you think he even has any notion what an upscale asshole he sounds like?

He sounds like goddamn Boss Hogg talking about those darn black folk, is this what the Republican party has come to? The party that freed the slaves! The party that was instrumental in the passage of the civil rights amendments?

THIS! This is the face of the modern, slave lovin', we can't get enough brown people to serve our every whim at reasonable prices. Though mind you I would feel just horrible if Mr. Graham found himself unable to procure his underage Thai whores and cabana boys.

At this moment I thank god I am a registered independent! I am ashamed that I ever voted for your party sir, no matter how good the president is on the war on terror it doesn't make this bitter pill one whit easier to swallow.

Listen up Graham you bloviating sack of crap. This is the issue that will drive people away from the Republican party in droves, you and the president have overtly condoned crime and criminality. Conservatives are traditionally a pretty law and order bunch, how do you think they like being lectured by an elite prick like yourself sir?

Which laws shall we ignore next? Perhaps pedophilia, I mean I'd hate for you to be inconvenienced by a stretch in prison for your love of underage Thai prostitutes.

I'm going to try to calm down so I'll let Peter Gadiel co-founder of 9-11 families for a secure America have at you for a bit...

That infuriated one observer, Peter Gadiel, a co-founder of 9/11 Families for a Secure America, whose son died in the attack on the World Trade Center. "I would have thought that a senator of the United States would consider the lives of the 3,000 people lost on 9/11 and the lives lost every day to crimes committed by illegal aliens would be worth more than his ... cheaper greens fees," he said. "I think Senator Graham is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace, to make that kind of statement."
Mr. Gadiel promised to campaign against anyone who votes for legalization if someone from that program commits a crime or terrorist attack in the future.

What in the hell was Graham thinking? I realize that a mental disorder is helpful in pursuing a career in Congress but this is beyond Ted Kennedy stupid. Was he drunk? Pooped from a three hour romp with his underage Thai mistress? Illegal of course!

Let's hear from those on the front lines...

Meanwhile in the House, Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez Jr., head of the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition, told a Judiciary Committee panel that all 16 sheriffs in the group think terrorists have "an interest and a desire" to exploit existing vulnerabilities on the nation's border.
El Paso County Sheriff Leo Samaniego said drug and human smugglers expose a hole in national security.
"If illicit organizations can bring in tons of narcotics through this region and work a distribution network that spans the entire country, then they can bring in the resources for terrorism as well," he said. "If illegal aliens can be smuggled through here in truck loads -- and they are -- then terrorist organizations can also covertly smuggle the people to carry out their plans."
Sheriff Gonzalez also said drug cartels have shown they are willing to fight to protect their drug loads and are a threat to U.S. law enforcement.
"They are able to monitor our office, home and cellular phone conversations," he said. "We recently received information that the cartels immediately across our border are planning on killing as many police officers as possible on the U.S. side. This is being planned for the purpose of attempting to 'scare us' away from the border."

It's time to tell these elite pricks that this crap stops NOW!! I will not tolerate one more lie or misdirection on this issue.

Lindsay Graham, RACE PANDERING WHORE, spineless piece of crap, waste of space-skin-and oxygen...

For god's sake, SHUT UP!!!

I am so sick and tired of people (Michael Medved, President Bush, The Republican Party, The Democrat Party, Rich elite pricks) arguing that we should just give in because it would be too hard to solve this problem. I have no ability to communicate to you the amount of contempt I hold this position in.

Let me see if I understand correctly.

We will go into the world and attempt to fundamentally change the adherents of a killer religion into good global citizens spending billions of dollars in the process, toppling regimes and confronting brutal dictators but we can't remove a couple of million high school drop-outs from our country?

Does this make any sense? To anybody? Bueller?

Does Mr. Graham really believe that the biggest problem facing Republicans these days are improperly groomed greens at the golf course?

So Mr. Graham you are the Freedom Folks race pandering whore of the week. Well done sir, your tee time is eight thirty.

H/T The Minuteman Blog

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