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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

They. Just. Don't. Get. It!

Source: American Street
Fanning the flames of civil war

Admittedly, young people are capable of letting their passion for justice exceed the public relations skills of professionals. And extremists advocating wacky things will always be around in any public event (Fred Phelps, anyone?)

But is it wise for the daughter of immigrants to fan the flames of racism repeatedly, in her quest to bring a civil war to the US? Her point seems to be that racists she agrees with are better than the people with opposing views that she thinks are worse racists.

In short, “Neener-neener, we’re smarter and better than these kids and extremists, because we stand for the law and proper flag protocol this week, unlike the previous weeks when we were flying George Bush on a flagpole above an upside-down US Constitution.”

It sure would be a shame to start a civil war to make a point like that. Here’s another point I’d ask folks to consider. America is an entire hemisphere. From the southern tips of Chile and Argentina to the northernmost reaches of Canada, we’re all ‘Americans’. So why do we continually refer to us - U.S. citizens - as ‘the Americans’ and call all our fellow Americans names like Chileans, Argentinans and Canadians?

Perhaps, Ms. Malkin, when we begin to address the myriad ways we divide and separate people from their neighbors and when we put the concerns of all Americans above flag protocol, we can begin to display democracy, humanity, courtesy and civility at its best. Striving to be a good model of all that would seem to make more sense and would be more moral than always trying to claim you’re superior to everyone else, and hoping to incite a race war.
We are the world. We are the doofuses. We preach no borders, so they can kill us easier!

Look, Mr. Sensitivity, we aren't "calling" them anything, they are calling themselves those names that you type in a faintly perjorative fashion. Are you really so sure they'd be tickled to be referred to as "Americans?"

How many billions of dollars do we have to pour into these sucking holes until you'll admit that the only thing that will change the endemic problems down south is their willingness to do so?

Daughter of immigrants? Which means what? Michelle malkin should come out foursquare on the side of lawlessness because she's "the daughter of immigrants?" This is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. She the "daughter of LEGAL immigrants" you retard. May mean nothing to you, but to law and self respecting Americans, which you ain't (you couldn't possibly meet the IQ requirements), it means the absolute world.

As to the civil war you mention, glad you're finally dealing with reality. Yes, the danger is grave, ignoring it behind happy speak is no longer an option. It must be confronted head on and told in no uncertain terms that we will not tolerate this kind of third world lawlessness. Without that declaration what are we? Will we truly cede our right to self governance because of threats? Will you? Cuz that's what I hear a lot of people advocating. My short answer is no.

Neighbors? Yes to our misfortune these countries are our neighbors. And like the big city I live in I can guarantee you that not all neighbors are good neighbors. Mexico is the crack house on the corner, cars pull up at all hours, illicit transactions are the norm, the occasional gunfight erupts, and just like in real life the police don't do much about it. But yes, they are our neighbors.

Racism? It's no more racist to acknowledge people who disrespect this country than it is to point out the utter failure of the southern hemisphere to produce a functioning economy, despite our massive and pointless aid infusions.

Do us all a favor and grow up.

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