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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Andy McCarthy On Iran And The Southern Border

Source: NRO

Given Cliff and Stanley's aptly alarming posts, and the other news that Iran is talking about sharing its nascent nuke know-how with Sudan (where bin Laden just told all the jihadists they should head in last week's tape), I have a simple question I'd love to hear Congress answer:

Can the United States afford to take any action against Iran if our southern border is not secure?

Iran is not playing. If we do something -- and it looks ever more obvious that we are going to have to do something, whether it's military or a precursor to military action -- Iran is going to retaliate.

The retaliation we most have to worry about is a nuclear attack against our homeland.

The easiest way to get a nuke into the United States may well be the southern border. (The ports may be equally easy or a close second, I acknowledge.)

I don't mean to be alarmist, but with what Iran is up to -- the development, the proliferation, the likelihood of arming terrorists -- forget about the 12 million illegals. How can we in good conscience not deal with our borders?
It's a good question that I've been asking.

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