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Friday, April 21, 2006

A Bit Of Doggerel

I cross the border, poor and broke
I go to see employment folk.
Nice man treat me real good there
He say I need to see Welfare.

Welfare man say, "Come no more,
We send the cash right to your door."
Pretty soon, got plenty money
Thanks to you, American dummy.

Call up family in home land
Say, "Come here quick as you can!
Welfare check will make you wealthy;
Medicare will keep you healthy."

They swim river, come in trucks
Buy big house with Welfare bucks.
Kids need dentist? Wife need pills?
Medicare pay all the bills.

Bring all women we can find
And keep them pregnant all the time.
Welfare pay to keep on breeding
Food stamp pay for baby feeding.

Each new baby bring a raise
And stupid white man always pays.
Each day more folk moving in
But white man's patience wearing thin.

Soon the white man move away
I buy his house, and there I stay.
Move in brother, charge him rent,
And in the yard put up a tent.

This USA is mighty fine place,
Much too good for white man race.
If he no like it, he can go;
Plenty room in Mexico.
H/T Americaisnotapinata

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