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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Minutemen Promise to Continue Doing What Our Government Won't

Just read this.

Minuteman border watch leader Chris Simcox has a message for
President Bush: Build new security fencing along the border with Mexico or private citizens will.

Simcox said Wednesday that he's sending an ultimatum to the president, through the media, of course — "You can't get through to the president any other way" — to deploy military reserves and the National Guard to the Arizona border by May 25.

Or, Simcox said, by the Memorial Day weekend Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers and supporters will break ground to start erecting fencing privately.

BAM! That's the way to kick it up a notch.

"We have had landowners approach," Simcox said in an interview. "We've been working on this idea for a while. We're going to show the federal government how easy it is to build these security fences, how inexpensively they can be built when built by private people and free enterprise."

Simcox said a half-dozen landowners along the Arizona-Mexico border have said they will allow fencing to be placed on their borderlands, and others in California, Texas and New Mexico have agreed to do so as well.
The problem, as Simcox points out, is that so much border land is owned by the government. Although, the government (supposedly) represents the people so, technically, it IS our land, right?

Anyway, kudos to the Minutemen for coming up with another way to show our alleged representatives how it's done. Of course, the politicians and media will trip over each other in a race to denigrate the project first, loudest, etc.

I just wish I was in a position to go and help out my own damn self. Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaw!

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