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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Council candidate arrested after tussle over Mexican flag

Source: newsregister

The Mexitude continues...(Mexitude bolded)
MILTON-FREEWATER — A candidate for the City Council has a court date this week on charges resulting from a tug of war over the Mexican flag.

Police said Greg Sterling confronted students in front of the city hall during a demonstration April 6, and officers had to pull him away from the students and flag to arrest him.

Sterling, 50, said the demonstrators provoked him and called the assault charge "made up."

"I didn't think I was doing anything illegal," he said. "I'm a proud American and I wasn't out to hurt anybody and I think I was taunted."

He's also charged with disorderly conduct. Both charges are misdemeanors. Police said the assault charge involved a female student who received minor injuries. He's to appear in court Thursday.

Milton-Freewater police Chief Mike Gallaher said two police officers watched Sterling exchange words with students who among about 60 on a sidewalk in front of City Hall.

Sterling pulled two or three of the students into the roadway, and six more followed, Gallaher said. He said officers had to stop traffic.

Sterling said he happened on the march. He said he asked the students not to display the flag, but they called him "gringo" and said, "This flag is going to be here some day."

Then students surround him, he said, and that led to "when I was tangled in the flag."
Now let's make clear this is he said/she said, however, I've witnessed this kind of behaviour from supporters of illegal immigration before. Having said that we have an patriotic American citizen being called an offensive racist slur and being told that the flag of a hostile power will fly over his country. These punks are lucky I wasn't there!

Bearing that in mind let's take a look at the last couple of sentences of this tripe...
Santos Garcia, a member of the Valley Cultural Awareness Committee, said the city had a history of racial intolerance, but over the years both Anglos and Hispanics have learned how to deal with those problems.

In the current wave of demonstrations, Garcia said, Hispanics are showing how American they are because the demonstrations have been largely free of violence.

"The Hispanic community is learning to protest the right way," he said.
Threatening Americans and throwing racial slurs is now the proper way to protest?

That's comedy gold Mr. Garcia, gold!

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