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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Left's Logic...

Source: AssCheezBlog (as per normal silliness bolded)
Apparently, Michelle's big excuse for all this was the fact that the college students in question already had their phone numbers listed on those press releases. What's she's conveniently sidestepping is one fact and one question: The press releases containing the phone numbers in question never would've gotten such a wide circulation and for such an obviously evil reason had they had found their way on Malkin's blog.
I'm hardly saying anything new here, but how can you make something that's already public, public?

A press release is by it's very nature a public document to be disseminated, so Michelle Malkin has somehow erred, committed a faux pas by giving greater exposure to a press release?

Really, genuinely, my head is spinning here. AssCheezBlog takes a stab using his lefty logic decoder ring...
You know what I’m talking about, Michelle. I’m referring to those UC Santa Cruz students who’d organized that rally and successfully chased four recruiters off campus before they could lie, wheedle, cajole and intimidate God knows how many students into joining Prince George’s oil war. You know of which students I’m speaking in particular, don’t you? The ringleaders whose phone numbers you’d posted, then reposted, then refused to take down even after it had come to your attention that they had received death threats.
Well isn't that a cup of hot steaming tough Shi'ite. AssCheezBlog ends by showing it's innate class...
In a lot of your hate mail, Michelle, you're called a cunt. Well, if the tampon fits...
Why don't these guys win elections again?



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