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Friday, April 14, 2006


Mark Christoper is promoting May 1st as “Buy America Back Day” to
counter the planned Illegal Alien day of illegals not working so
Americans will “feel” their pain. Since illegals seem to believe this
will hurt America, Mark wants to make May 1st a day of unprecendented
purchasing power by Americans to show illegals they don’t drive the
American economy.

Bloggers - promote this day on your blog so people plan their spending and shopping for that day.

Non-bloggers - go to the link and print out the flyers and hand out to friends, relatives and businesses.

May 1st, 2006… “Illegal” non-citizens in this country are going to
stage a protest. A protest against America. Against American citizens
who believe we need stronger border security, and tougher laws
concerning those who break them and enter this country “illegally”.
They are going to take the day off from their “illegal” jobs and not
spend money in order to show our congress how much we really depend on
their “criminal” activity.

Unfortunately, “legal” working
citizens in this country won’t be able to take the day off and counter
protest. Mostly because we’ll be busy that day doing “those jobs that
American’s won’t do”. So let’s all get together and remind our elected
officials who really is the “life blood” of this great country. Let’s
declare May 1st, 2006 the day we Buy America Back!!!

Click here to open the printable page! - Turn off your pop-up blocker momentarily, as this link will open in a new window…

Or click here to download the ADOBE PDF of this flyer and pass it along via e-mail to EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!

The Mark Christopher Show - NewsRadio 1510am WLAC - Nashville

H/T bearcreekledger (thanks Toni!)

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