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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Stink of Political Desperation

Just read this.

President Bush accused Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid on Thursday of "single-handedly thwarting" action on immigration legislation, and got a brisk retort in return.

"President Bush has as much credibility on immigration as he does on Iraq and national security," shot back the Nevada Democrat.
Phew! Thank God the illegal immigration crisis isn't about politics. I was getting scared there for a minute. I've seen fights inside a sandbox that were less juvenile that what we're getting from Washington.

Supporters claim the bill has more than enough votes to pass. It was sidetracked last week when Reid and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., could not agree on a procedure for voting on amendments.

Reid insisted on sharply limiting the number of amendments by conservatives who oppose the bill. Frist wanted to ensure that GOP critics of the legislation had more opportunities to seek changes.
What's that? Did I hear a "ninny-ninny-boo-boo?"

Bush and Reid swapped charges as Republicans disclosed a Spanish-language radio advertising campaign designed to shoulder Democrats with the responsibility for legislation passed by the GOP-controlled House that would make illegal immigrants subject to felony charges.
Reason #1,923 why I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat: I'd want my political contributions spent on ads that oh, I don't know, are aimed at English-speaking citizens who can vote.

At another point, Republicans tried to substitute misdemeanor charges for felonies in the bill. Democrats opposed that effort, with at least some of them saying they wanted no criminal penalties at all. Republicans then passed the overall bill — including felony charges — on a largely party-line vote.
Republican, Democrat. Democrat, Republican. Note to all politicians: you were not elected by Republicans and Democrats -- you were elected by citizens. American citizens.

America -- you remember that place, right? It's that place that used to be a sovereign nation. That place that used to have laws that meant something. Laws that were enforced, not a joke. That place where citizenship used to be a highly valued reward, not a cheap political carrot.

Remember that place?

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