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Thursday, April 13, 2006

When Compassion Goes Astray

Man who lived in school arrested for breaking into Boston home

BOSTON --A homeless, illegal immigrant from Mexico, whose story of secretly living inside his old high school in Minnesota prompted an outpouring of sympathy and donations, has been arrested on home invasion charges in Boston.

Francisco Javier Serrano, 22, was embraced by many in Minnesota last year after they learned he had spent weeks hiding at Apple Valley High School, foraging for cafeteria food and showering in the locker room. A wealthy developer was so moved he provided him with money, an immigration attorney and a rent-fee apartment overlooking downtown Minneapolis.

But immigration officials ordered Serrano back to Mexico and believed he had boarded a plane home Jan. 5.

Two weeks ago, police arrested Serrano in an apartment in Boston's North End after they found him, with a knife, in a struggle with the tenant, The Boston Globe reported Thursday.

Serrano remains in Suffolk County Jail facing charges of home invasion.

"I'm absolutely shocked," said Rochelle Barrett, who along with her husband, the developer Basim Sabri, hired an immigration lawyer for Serrano. "I never saw this side of him. I never thought he could be capable of doing something like this."
Yeah, cuz desperate folk never do dumb things, and no, soft-heads it's never an excuse!

Now for the comedy portion of our program...
The office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Minnesota has no idea how Serrano got to Boston, said spokesman Tim Counts, who added the agency expects to gain custody and deport him.
As Kramer would say, "We'll deport him...Now! No really, we mean it this time, what? Why is everybody laughing?"

H/T Beyond Borders Blog

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