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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sounds About Right

Source: The Corner
"I've worked with illegals in the 70' to the 80's and I have a few first hand observations.

"Many are young men here for the money, they do not wish to become American citizens. When there are 10-15 young men living in a 1 bedroom apartment they are here for the work, their families are in Mexico. A big roll of cash buys a lot of freedom in Mexico.

"They are not just illiterate in English, they are in Spanish too.

"When you see groups of these guys waiting for work outside Home Depot here is how it works:

"You're a sub-contractor who wants to hire a 5 man framing crew. You talk to your guy (jefe) who is the go between and he knows who the good framers are. Now, you'll get 1-2 guys who know what to do. The others will consist of his worthless cousin and some one's son to whom he owes a favor. You strike a deal for 10 hours at 5 bucks an hour/man.

"The jefe takes a cut from each of the workers for a dollar an hour so they make four. That's how the 'bite' works in Mexico and it's the basis for the
deep corruption, no reason the think it stops here. Maybe you think construction is unskilled labor and you just take a board off the top of the pile and hammer it up. That's what'll happen if you don't supervise. If you have a house built in this part of the country, you need to go by daily and inspect it you'll see cracked, knotty 2x4s and 4x6s used as main supports for example. These guys don't care and besides they're not here next week anyway. If the building inspector doesn't catch it (another story), oh well. Not to mention the other ways thing can go wrong with a bunch of untrained labor doing plumbing, electrical, etc.

"By the way, if you don't get picked you go do what idle young men always do a long way from home: fight, drink, gamble, whore, thieve and generally get into trouble.

"The way to start a voluntary exodus is have the ICE start going around raiding the day labor sites. You only need to start scattering these guys from the sites disrupting their money flow for a short time and they'll go somewhere else, maybe home."
Though my experience is primarily in restaurants this comports pretty closely with what I've observed as well. One of the big problems with illegal immigration is young men living hand to mouth in a strange land. The potential for problems is enormous, and all pollyanna's aside, this explains a whole hell of a lot of the illegal immigrant crime.

Most of the guys who worked for me had been arrested at least once. Almost to man they'd cracked up at least one car while driving seriously drunk and this is why you don't import a standing army into your territory wothout the discipline an army provides.

Young men will do dumb things, especially young men with no attachment to the larger society.

Another important point addressed here is the importation of corruption. These practices are the norm in South America, and we really need to figure out a way to stop it dead in it's tracks here.

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