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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

When Stupid People...


Source: Chuckles The Blog
Stick a fork in the mass deportation movement. They lost before they started. America is still a reasonable and great nation. Can you believe some of these people think the constitution only applies to Americans and not all the people in this great country? If conservatives are smart, they will back off and let Democrats hang themselves.
Turns out I'm one of those people who not only believes the Constitution applies exclusively to Americans, I'm certain of it. This is a truly dangerous softheaded attitude, the next logical step of course is people suing us for admittance, for aren't all people on the planet secretly Americans who happened to be born in another country?

Or, are citizens of another country entitled to American benefits if they've never lived here? If not, why not? If the Constitution applies to everybody on the planet don't welfare benefits, school lunch programs, and government cheese apply also?

I am proudly one of the much lambasted "mass deportation" folks. I believe the best thing we could do for our national soul and character would be to remove every single person that does not belong in this country. I think we'll find a genuine difference in our national discourse if everyone here is an American.

Dangerous groups such as La Raza and LULAC will find their influence drain away and we can approach things again as Americans. Not as Balkanized subsets of greivance groups.

No one has a "right" to be in this country other than citizens. If you haven't heard this before let me break the news. If you aren't a citizen the constitution most certainly does not apply to you, never did, never should.

You would be rightly bound by any understandings your people came to with your governments in...Your Countries!

Does that make me "unreasonable?" I suppose I'll live.

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