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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The United Economy of America

Source: Overbo (Stupidity bolded)
Nothing is sadder and more threatening to america's financial prosperity than economic protectionism. I'm squarely in favor of allowing non-citizens(I prefer this term to 'immigrant' for some reason) to work here. You can do so without giving them any of the rights of citizenship. It's win-win from the standpoint of wealth creation. The only people who suffer are people who work for minimum wage. I have made a minimum wage living before myself, but can not muster up enough sympathy for these workers as a class (the minimum wage working U.S. citizen) to justify the economic damage done by rejecting foreign labor.

Then there is the cultural protectionism. Sorry if your country isn't white enough folks, but get over it.*
*I don't know how to break it to our budding genius here that culture and race are distinct entities. This sort of thing seems to function like a stealth IQ test. Whenever I hear a statement like this, if I'm patient the person will reveal themselves to be pirates and fools, no patience required here.

Welcome to the United Economy of America. We no longer give a rat's ass about our citizens other than whatever limited economic utility they may possess. Sorry low wage workers but you need to live in squalor so Mr. CEO guy can have another yacht, sooorry!



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