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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lies And The Lying Liars Who Spew Them...

Several big name bloggers participated in a conference call with with Rep. Jack Kingston, he had this to say about the need for guest workers in this country...
"I do believe you need to have a guest-worker program," he said, perhaps with the number of workers defined by industry.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 24 percent of agricultural workers are illegal; 17 percent in the cleaning industry; 14 percent in construction; 12 percent in food production.

"I've been talking to contractors in my district and they tell me, unless they hire migrant workers, they cannot compete...Migrants are willing to work longer and harder and they stay on the job and they're great workers."
I think this is referred to as the myth of the "Hispanic Superworker" and as such it's BS. How do I know? Gee, how about I'm a chef and have worked with plenty of legal and illegal Hispanic workers for over twenty years..

Were they hard working, yep. Were they one whit harder working than Americans, nope, never saw that. No one ever worked harder than me in any kitchen I've worked in, no one.

What these contractors are leaving out is that these illegals are cheap, really cheap. That is their appeal and utility. These contractors have become addicted to cheap labor and our government will do everything in its power to continue to provide them with their drug of choice.

And quite possibly the worst thing in the world would be to let those businessmen addicted to illegal immigration set the quotas.

So why do the contractors want a guest worker program, because even though it's not quite as lovely for them as illegals currently are, it will be the next best thing. The government will never be able to police the system which will rapidly be corrupted and then you'll be reading stories about poor abused guest workers as opposed to poor abused illegal stories today.

And of course, once these workers have protections businesses will be puling for a whole new crop of illegals. They will be calling up their congressCritters every time a federal agency has the audacity or temerity to do its job. So then we will have a multi-tiered caste system of illegals, guest workers and formerly employed Americans.

This is important. Have you ever known a junkie? I have, I worked as a professional musician for several years. I had an old bandmate show up on my doorstep one time at two o'clock in the morning, I hadn't seen him in over two years after he'd moved to California.

He showed up with two things: His new junkie wife and a heroin habit. He stayed at my place for three days, more the fool I, and ended up repaying me by stealing about three hundred dollars and leaving blood stains on my bathroom walls before disappearing for good. I've never seen him again.

This brings me back to the businesses and owners that utilize illegals. They are addicts who will do or say anything for a fix, anything. No matter what bill comes down the pike it must contain workplace enforcement, and that enforcement must actually occur.

A guest worker program is methadone for illegal addicted employers and it will work precisely as well as methadone programs usually don't. There's only one way to kick an addiction...

Cold turkey.

Think about it.

H/T Hugh Hewitt

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