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Monday, April 10, 2006

Chicago Pro-illegal Immigrant Rally

Zombietime would have felt right at home with all the Socialists/Commies present tonight. Chicago's pro-illegal immigrant rally was held at Truman College in the cafeteria. About 300 people filled the room clapping and cheering at the crap our race pandering whore..., um, elected officials were dishing up.

Arriving we were greeted by several newstrucks...

We then had to beat our way through a thicket of Socialists/Commie bastiges...

This followed closely by a trip to flag world...

The obligatory illegal Irish babes (though I'm suspicious due to their lack of accents)...

Let's not forget Hombre Guatemala!

Entering the college we enjoyed the jazz stylings of Mr. Smooth...

Spontaneous patriotism? (the joke is...these seats are for the politicians! Shhh, don't tell anybody)

Good sized crowd, about 300-400 I'd guess, harder to judge inside for some reason...(You may notice one of your humble correspondents in this pix)

We were then serenaded by Senator Dick Durbin, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and a cavalcade of stars not really, mostly local politicians you don't care about doing their race pandering whore dance, they were lovely dancers though)

More Socialists!

The high point of the evening was the trotting out of the anchor babies. Grab a hankie! It turns out the mean ole' gubmint threw their poor undocumented parents out for no reason at all, it's a true mystery. It is believed they might have been removed for particularly bad oompah music, unfortunately no ones talking.

This was followed by Mr. La Raza! Mr. La Raza would leap to his feet screaming "La Raza" at any opportune moment. Do you think the politicians (luis Gutierrez excluded) know what La Raza means?

This is almost the end of our Chicago pro-illegal immigration rally, but I'm not quite through yet. I want you to know what true badass MJ (the baldchick) is. This is the shirt she wore to a room chock-a-bloc full of illegal immigrants and race hustlers...

Yep, she's a badass alright! She waited until Luis Gutierrez was speaking to remove her jacket, and winked at him several times. heh!

More MJ coverage here.

More coverage to come including MJ's brush with illegal urine! And here you go!

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